Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 334

It has been a good day.  The kids enjoyed playing in the freshly fallen snow this morning before doing their school work. Everyone did a great job getting everything done and this afternoon the kids made some chocolates. We'll be giving these to our neighbours in our little Christmas treat plates this year, as well as some other little goodies.

This afternoon I worked on putting up more primer on the bathroom walls.  Funny, how when you find a job like that to do the kids all want to be in there with you!  Sean came to join me first. He was looking for help in typing his first play on the computer.  Once he was satisfied, Emma-Lyn popped in wanting to learn her Awana verses. She did a great job and it wasn't long before  Nate came scampering up the stairs with his handbook ready to recite his verses.  I managed to finish off the primer that we had and will have to pick up some more if I hope to ever finish this project. 

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