Friday, December 04, 2015

Day 338

Wow!  That was not the day I envisioned when I woke up this morning...

It started off harmlessly enough.  Same old routine, get up, get dressed, get breakfast, get Marko out the door and so on.  We had lots of freshly fallen snow from our storm last night and the kids were eager to go out and shovel.  Things are still going smoothly.  I work on tidying up and getting things ready to get some baking done. This is when everything starts to slide sideways.

I hear Levi crying upstairs and he didn't sound too upset more like he just wasn't happy.  I left him thinking he would figure it out.  But then he just didn't stop so I did go upstairs and the poor lad was stuck in the ladder to the loft bed.  I sat and consoled him and brought him downstairs just as the kids were coming in from the cold.  I made some hot chocolate and was just about to start my baking when the power went out...again. Sigh.

Emma-Lyn pulled out my new yarn and suggested I show them how to crochet.  I thought that was a great idea. The yarn had other thoughts--it was a wee bit tangled up and it seemed the more I tried to untangle it, it just got worse.  Eventually I just had to sit down and slowly and meticulously wind up the yarn into a big ball. The power came back on which I was ever so grateful for since it was time to make lunch.  I did finish rolling up my yarn.

I was just getting lunch together when Emma-Lyn came down and told me that the taps in the bathroom wouldn't shut off.  I was all like, what?? She just kept repeating herself so I ran up the stairs and into the bathroom. It was Niagra Falls in there.  The faucet was on full blast and the soap suds...oh the soap suds were epic!  I tried to turn off the taps but nothing.  PANIC!! Oh the panic that ensued.  I knew then that I had to get the water shut off.  I flew down the stairs and yelling at Sean to clear out the closet so that I could get to the basement.  I knew the shut off was down there but I wasn't sure where it was.  I called Marko at work but couldn't get through...I thought I would loose my mind...I ran to my computer and found him online and typed:

Marko's rsponse: sure what's up?

By this time Sean had the closet cleared and the trap door opened:  I ran down the stairs shouting at Marko all the way.. "TELL ME WHERE THE SHUT OFF VALVE IS NOW!!  THE WATER IS GOING EVERYWHERE!!" And Marko, ever the calm one, gently says, "Okay it's in the basement by the electrical--it's a valve and you just need to turn it."  "I'M AT THE ELECTRICAL AND I DON'T SEE IT!  HELP ME!!" "It's right there, and you just need to pull it.." "FOUND IT!! IT'S OFF...It's's off..."

The kids meanwhile stayed in the kitchen and prayed, bless their hearts--so thankful for their thoughtful hearts.

The panic was horrible.  And I was so mad at myself for not knowing where the shut off was in the first place.  Marko came home after that to help me figure out what went wrong and get things back in order since we are hosting Sean's birthday party tonight.

Now the bathroom is back in order, the boys are here and playing Lego.  Sean wanted a boys game night for his party.  No streamers, or balloons-- just games, food and fun.  I can go for that!  Gotta love the low maintenance party!

Soon they'll be making subs and munching on chips and playing a game or two.  Marko has taken the rest of our kids for a trip in town. I might try to get my baking done while the boys play.

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