Thursday, December 10, 2015

Day 344

This is me ever so happy with my amazing hubby who fixed my memory card so that my camera could read it.

We had a pretty good day today.  Sean made me a hot chocolate at breakfast time which was lovely. And he got cracking at his school work while Nate and Emma-Lyn listened to their Awana CD. Today we tackled some geography. The kids really enjoyed learning about the compass rose on a map. Sean made his own compass rose and then began telling me where things were according to their orientation in the house.

In the afternoon I found what I thought would be a great flourless chocolate pecan cookie recipe.  But I needed more pecans and some corn syrup.  Sean ran out and got the ingredients for me.  It did my mama's heart proud when he came back and told me how he let an elderly lady go ahead of him at the checkout.

Sadly, the cookies were an epic fail. I had a cookie sheet of hard cookie shells over a big gloopy mess. I was bummed. However by this time the kids and I had piles of laundry to fold and supper to prepare.  Levi even tried to help fold laundry but soon gave up.  However he still wanted to help and took a couple of his things upstairs.  He didn't get them into his dresser but every little bit helps!

After supper the kids and I were off to Awana.  I can't get over how excited the kids get about going to Awana and saying their verses.  And next week they each get to make their own gingerbread houses! May the countdown begin!

Oh, and I think the highlight of my day was when I took Levi up for his nap.  We always sit and rock on my rocking chair.  He holds his little soft book and his bottle of milk in the other hand. I cover him up in his blanky and I sing whatever song he wants.  He'll make his requests of horsey song, or the coo coo song or the bus song.  He usually smiles up at me and cuddles in. He must have been pretty tired today since he fell asleep in my arms.  It's been so long since he's done that.  I just soaked up all that lovely little boy goodness and I eventually got up and put him in his crib...sigh.

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