Friday, December 18, 2015

Day 352

 Today was busy but fun.  We cleaned the house and then enjoyed a much overdue playdate with wonderful friends.  Marko came home early this evening so that we could get supper in quickly before heading in town for Emma-Lyn's first dance recital.  She did a fantastic job. I am ever so proud of her and she had a blast!

Afterwards we stopped in at Tim Horton's and enjoyed some celebratory hot chocolate and doughnuts. We also stopped in to see the singing lights in Stratford before heading home.  I gently reminded the children that they're more than welcome to sleep in tomorrow morning...So hoping that pans out!

 My beautiful girl waiting to go on stage.

 Ta-Da!!  Fantastic job girls!!

I just loved the rain droplets on the cedars this morning.

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