Monday, December 21, 2015

Day 355

The kids and I are on Christmas vacation and it is awesome!

 We all just puttered through our day today.  Early on we got the Christmas tunes going and I put on my apron and we set to work baking up a storm.  There were moments when dancing and loud singing broke out and other moments when Levi would call out for a hug and share a bite of his banana.  I may have sneezed a few times which sent Levi into fits of laughter!  So much so that he was demanding that I keep on sneezing and he laughed just as much at my fake sneezes.

In the afternoon we had two lovely visitors who had clothes to drop off.  Nate is now the proud owner of a dashing dress shirt and tie and I got a bag load of clothes this time!  It's not very often that mommy gets some nice hand me downs!

Marko is out doing some last minute shopping  this evening and checking out the latest Star Wars movie with a friend. 

And I'm just enjoying the quiet and the glow from the Christmas tree.

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