Friday, December 25, 2015

Day 359

 Merry Christmas!!

Spent a wonderful day with my fam jam.  The kids slept in a whole 15 minutes later than usual! It was fabulous!  They all came barreling in our room full of Christmas cheer and eagerness.  Marko and I got dressed and followed the exuberant children down the stairs.  It was a mad dash to get into their stockings and asking to have that first piece of chocolate.

We went straight from stockings to opening presents.  Nate was not overly impressed with getting socks...but what he lacked in enthusiasm, Sean more than made up for when he opened his bag of socks.  All of the kids were ever so excited for their large set of Lego that they got.

We had a late breakfast and Grammie Peric popped in and then we headed down to the church to help serve Christmas dinner.  The kids really enjoyed helping out and meeting new people.  It was a wonderful blessing for all of us to be part of this. We're hoping to make this a Christmas tradition.

After lunch we came home to relax and enjoy some of our Christmas goodies.  Marko and I helped the kids put together their Lego creations.  It was fun to create with Lego with the kids. They're so full of excitement and energy and the satisfying click of the Lego as it all comes together is fantastic!

For supper we had left over lasagana, salad and multigrain baguette. After Levi went to bed, we opened up our new Settlers of Catan game. Sean, Emma-Lyn, Marko and I enjoyed a fun filled game while Nate enjoyed playing with all the new Lego by himself.  It was a pretty late bed time for the kiddos but we had a blast!
 Enjoying a new book.

 Enjoying a game.

Fun with toys!

 The kids attempting to play in our only mound of snow.

The tables all set up for the guests to arrive for a delicious Christmas dinner.

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