Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow Fort Fun

The kids and I were delighted to discover that the snow was perfect packing snow!  Our eyes lit up and we were planning our fort, snowman guards and dragons almost instantly.  Sean and I worked on the fort while Emma-Lyn and Nate worked on a snowman.  It was fun and we got a fair bit done before heading inside for a movie and some popcorn.

Just a quick heads up:  Watership Down is definitely NOT a children's cartoon.  I don't know the last time I watched something so gory. Dead and dying rabbits complete with oozing blood is not such a wonderful thing to watch with the children.  Thankfully Nate and Levi had gone with Marko to the store at that point.  That being said both Sean and Emma-Lyn found the gore disturbing. Lesson learned:  Must preview movies no matter what the review on the box says about it! Yes, the movie was a VHS--we still have a working VCR.

The south wall of our fort.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friends Forever

This morning we all bundled up and shuffled along in the new fallen snow to the curling rink. Sean was participating in another curling tournament.  The competition was much stiffer than his previous tournament and although his team did not place, Sean had a great time down on the ice!

During the tournament the Bowmans popped in to drop off the boys while they headed in town to catch Star Wars before it left the theatres.  We had a great time with Sammy and Ben.  They enjoyed going over to the rink for a bit to cheer Sean and his team on.

After their visit Marko headed in town to surprise his buddy Brian with another 40th birthday celebration of sorts.  The boys are all getting together for supper and a games night tonght.

The kids and I tidied up, had a yummy supper and then plunked ourselves down on the couch to watch Lion King.  They loved it!

A friend watches your favourite movie with you.
A great friend holds your hand through the scary parts.
But a real friend lets you drive your car over his head during his favourite part of the movie.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Snow Storm Progression

 Just for kicks I decided that since we are in a snow storm warning I'd take this opportunity to document it's progression.

Between stepping out on the deck to take the same shot over and over again, the kids and I cleaned the house, they played some Just Dance, I crocheted, we had quiet time, Emma-Lyn and Nate did some improv step dance to the Sky's CD and we made chili for supper.

Glad to be home all cozy, safe and warm with my little fam jam.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Much Better Day!

Today our homeschool group met at the library for a fun session about engineering design and creativity principles.  We watched a brief slideshow before the kids were unleashed to go and make a hat that would balance on their heads They could only use five different objects to create their masterpiece.  Emma-Lyn did a great job!

 Just listening to the presentation made me want to take up a course on engineering!  I was also very thankful that my wonderful friend Anne and her husband and children were able to take in Levi during this event.  It made everything go so much easier!

Afterwards we were off on a playdate.  Sean ended up heading over to Janet's place while the rest of us visited with Claire and Holly for the afternoon.

This evening the kids had Awana and I went to town and thoroughly enjoyed a homeschool support group meeting!  It was "fun and games" evening and it was a blast.  I laughed so much!  I love those gals!!

Emma-Lyn and her balancing hat.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times...

It was not the best of mornings.  To be honest it was one of those mornings where you question whether you really ought to be doing what you're doing and isn't there some easier way to get things done.

Well, there may be easier ways to do this but overall I do love our homeschooling lifestyle.  There's just some days that are just not so great.

Trying to homeschool three kiddos, and potty train a two year old is just not happening quite like I thought it would.  And did you notice that it's winter and it feels like the walls are crowding in around us?!  It's not really that bad but today it felt like it. So in hopes of keeping some semblance of my sanity I'm dropping the potty training for now.  Summer time when schedules are more lax and the weather is warm seems a far more conducive time for that kind of activity.

Our afternoon was much brighter.  We played a rousing game of lumberyard with our cuisinare rods and then spent some time just building with the rods.  We followed that up with hot chocolate and Mary Poppins.

In the evening I enjoyed a lovely visit with a wonderful friend.  We sipped coffee and worked out plans to help each other to make healthier choices and hold each other accountable to exercise each day.  It's so easy to fall off the wagon when you're going it alone and so much more fun to have a friend along for the ride!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Farm Fresh Eggs!

My wonderful friend, Janet sold me a beautiful dozen farm fresh eggs!  I am so thrilled and happy to be supporting my friend in her egg business!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Puppets, Reading and More...

Today the children got a special treat at their weekly homeschool  get together.  After our circle time the kids got to meet some really fun characters.  They each got to try out a different puppet.  I can see the children really enjoying these puppets in future get togethers. 

Afterwards we had reading time and rebuild the village time. I love getting together with our little homeschool group.  Today the kids got to read to a small group.  I am so proud of Emma-Lyn!  She doesn't like everyone looking at her and having to read to everyone but she did a fantastic job. You would think she was an old pro.  The boys always enjoying sharing with their peers and have fun reading to others.

Afterwards we had some friends over for a play date and the boys had their piano lessons.

I'm looking forward to a little date night at home with my hubbby this evening.  He's going to grab a couple pizzas, we'll feed the kids first and then send them to the living room to watch a movie while we have some quality time together.

Yummy Skillet Cookie!

 Sundays can be crazy!  Trying to get six people out the door and in the car in time for church can seem like a formidable task by times!  And today was no exception! It was a mad dash to the car to get to church.

That aside it was a great time at church.  Enjoyed lovely conversations with folks, and Emma-Lyn and I enjoyed our Sunday school time.  She was just such a sparkling gem  as she narrated the Bible story Grammie read to her last night. That has to be the highlight of my day right there!

Tonight I enjoyed an amazing evening with a lovely group of gals.  So nice to get together and celebrate a belated birthday and catch up on everyone's happenings.

And for dessert this evening Marko made a skillet cookie, his specialty!

 But first, the beaters needed to be tasted!

And the masterpiece!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hanging Out with the Old Gang...

Back in our newly married days we used to hang out with a great group of friends on a regular basis.  Usually come the weekend, folks would land at our apartment and we would play games, talk a lot and eat candy.  Now, folks have children, houses and jobs that keep them busy and we moved to Montague which means the gang doesn't hang out as much as it used to.  But there are times like New Years and big birthday bashes when we come together once again.

Tonight we celebrated our good friend Brian's 40th birthday.  It was a fantastic surprise party masterly pulled off by his wife Bonnie! There was lots to eat and lots to talk about.  Then we played games from back in the day.  We had a couple of fun rounds of Mafia before pulling out the old PS2 to play Singstar.  Such a great trip down memory lane with some amazing friends!

Sean was determined that Brian should know that he wished him a happy birthday.  He slipped me this note before we left and also left us a text message on the cell to make sure his message got through!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Fun in the Snow

A fun and full day.  We ran errands early in the morning in Charlottetown.  We picked up a new full set of the Bible Story at the Delta.  Another homeschooling mom was there for a gymnastics meet and she was able to leave the books for me at the front desk.  Then we were off to pick up good bye gifts for our wonderful friends, the MacGregors.  They head back for Quebec tomorrow.

Once we were back in Montague we popped in at the Library and picke up a few books before heading home.  I was about to make lunch when I saw the message waiting on the phone.  Jackie invited us over for lunch. The kids were thrilled.

We enjoyed a lovely afternoon with the MacGregors.  The kids played upstairs before heading outside for some sledding fun. It was such a great visit, so hard to see them go but we look forward to seeing them again in the spring!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Math Games are Great!

Sean and I had a great time playing Multiplication Squares together this morning.  Sean is excited to play again and could see this as a great game to take with us when we're on the road.  And yes, he won.

Nate and I enjoyed stepping out on the books of the New Testament this morning.  I laminated cardstock that I had labelled with all the names of the books and then placed them on the floor like stepping stones.  Nate called out each one as he stepped on them.  He was ever so pleased this evening when he was able to recite all the books and earn another jewel for his vest.

Sean in mid capture.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Little Hands and Little People

Today was not the most productive day.  We did manage to watch Dolphin Tale and now Emma-Lyn would like to have her own dolphin. Each of the children drew a picture to narrate part of the story.

We did a folding laundry marathon.  Emma-Lyn went for  a sleepover at Grammies while the boys and I played some Lego Indiana Jones on the Wii.  We had pizza from Famous Peppers for supper and I've managed to squeeze in a mid evening nap. Yep, pretty slow day at the Peric's.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Crazy for Catapults

This is Sean's latest project.  A working re-creation of Leonardo da Vinci's 15th Century catapult.  He put this all together by himself with just a bit of help when tying knots in the strings.  All of the children love this thing.  And the distance it gets is quite impressive!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Let's Twist Again..

We had a grand time with our homeschool group this morning.  The kids played regular Twister and Continent Twister.  Sean and Emma-Lyn really enjoyed it and want us to get the game!  The adults gave the continent twister a try--no photos of that though!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Fun with Colour

The other night Marko referred to my Bible as my "green" Bible.  And I was aghast at the thought of anyone thinking that it was the colour green.  I think it's more of a blue/teal colour.  Obviously, it's not a big deal but it piqued my interest enough to see what my facebook friends thought.

Turns out most of my friends would side with the opinion that it's green. A dozen people went with green while a couple others decided to stir the pot and go with grey. And just two or three went with teal or a blue shade.  Marko was even kind enough to look it up on Amazon.

There he found descriptions of teal, turquoise and peacock blue. I have to say my favourite part of this whole experiment was Marko's response when he looked it up online. He glanced over at me and said, "Well, you're not wrong!" And obviously the implication is that I'm also not right! HA!!

Anyways, no matter what the colour actually is, I'm just glad I have it.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birthday Blessings

My girly turned the big 8 today!! She's growing up so fast!

We had such a fun day today! This morning Jackie came over with her daughter Rachel and we all piled into their car and headed into town for a Lila Rose open house.  Lila Rose is a hair jewellery company that my good friend Melinda works for. I love their flexi-clips!

Before stopping in at Melinda's place we made a quick dash into Starbucks for a couple of Caramel Machiatos.  YUM!  The girls even got a sip and said they were tasty!

We all spent a lovely time looking over the different clips and headbands and picked out a few things for ourselves.  Emma-Lyn picked a cute four leaf clover clip.

After that we popped in at the Dollarma just to pick up a few things.  It's funny though, how that store can suck you in and you're picking up other things that you hadn't come in for.

Then we headed down to the Maritime Chirstian Bookstore.  Emma-Lyn wanted to use her birthday money to buy her own Bible.  She was quite pleased with her purchase.

We had lunch at the Pizza Delight in Montague.  We wanted to make sure we were home before the big storm hit.  It's 11 o'clock now and it's only lightly snowing here.  Oh well, better to be safe than sorry.

Grammie Peric and the rest of our little fam jam were waiting for us when we got home.  Emma-Lyn opened her gifts from Grammie and the gift from Gramma and Grampa Hope.  She got some great crafting kits.  She was tickled pink!

In the evening Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk joined us for a pancake and bacon supper as per Emma-Lyn's request. We had chocolate fudge cake and ice cream for dessert.

Then it was time for more gifts and it just turned out that they were both Frozen themed.  The gift from Marko and me was an Elsa styling head.  She loved it!  And from Auntie and Uncle she received a Frozen t-shirt and a great activity package.

Her words: "It was the best day ever!"

8 fun things about Emma-Lyn:

1) She is feisty and fun!
2) She gives her brothers a run for their money!
3) She loves to craft!
4) She loves God's word!
5) She is goofy!  Wonder where she gets that...
6) She has a tender heart!
7) Sometimes she gives ME a run for my money!
8) She loves her loved ones dearly!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Playdates are Great!

The kids and I scrambled to get our cleaning done this morning.  It didn't help that I woke up not feeling the best.  Once we had breakfast and got Marko off to work, I went back to bed.  At first I felt guilty but reminded myself it's important for the kids to have a healthy mom and not a stressed out mom.  And I gave myself permission to rest.  It was the best thing I could have done.  I felt so much better afterwards.

We were just finishing lunch when the MacGregors showed up.  The kids were wildly excited to see each other again and it was apparent that a trip to the great outdoors to burn off some of their excitement was in order.  I thought we might get 10 or 15 minutes out of them but they played and played.  Levi even joined in on the fun.

Jackie and I drank our coffee and talked and talked and got caught up on all our happenings.  I got hot chocolate made for the kids and they came in while I got Levi tucked into bed for his nap.  Then it was popcorn and movie time.

It was a great afternoon!

We were so busy talking that I didn't stop to take a picture.  So, here we have our bowl of fruit!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Crazy Hat Night!

Tonight at Awana it was crazy hat night! 

The kids and I spent time this morning creating our hats.  Sean's hat is made up of math sheets and on the back it says, "I love math!" Nate had to redo his since Levi took off his first one and we couldn't find it again.  Emma-Lyn and I just glued as many wacky things to our hats as we could.

 It was a super fun evening.  And not as awkward as you'd think for being the only leader who wore a crazy hat.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snow Day!!

The kids and I have had a lot of fun today.  At first we had daddy home with us but the storm passed through fairly quickly and daddy caught a ride to work.

After breakfast the kids and I sat down with some books and enjoyed a great read aloud time.  We learned about food chains, life cycles, electricity and the education of Nicholas Benedict.

After that each of the kiddos took a crack at a subject in Khan Academy.  Sean and Nate tried out some computer code and Emma-Lyn learned about Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

After lunch we headed out into the winter wonderland.  The kids coasted down our "hills" while I played  shovel the snow shuffle.  Levi was very excited to be out in the snow!

Levi and I came in once the shoveling was done.  I put him down for a well deserved nap.  Then I made hot chocolate for us and set up a game of Settlers.  The kids were thrilled when they came in from the cold.  It was a good game.  Now they're just messing with the board and making up their own fun.  I think they have incorporated the little wooden people from Caracassonne.

Soon, Marko will be home and we'll have hot bowls of chili for supper on this cold winter evening.

Mr. Happy Pants!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spontaneous Can Be Fun

Usually we follow a certain routine and other days we don't.  This was one of those let's try something different days.

I have been meaning to get into Khan Academy for a while and finally right after breakfast I pulled it up on my compy and Sean joined me at the table.  We jumped right into some multiplication videos and both Sean and Emma-Lyn got right into it. 

They copied down sample questions and gave it a go themselves with great success. Nate got in on the action when I pulled up the addition and subtraction section. This evening I've set up the kids with their own accounts.  I can see the Khan Academy becoming a great resource for their expanding base of knowledge!

After that we grabbed some snacks and worked on our Canadian history narration.  Currently we're talking about the French settlements in Nova Scotia.  It was fun to talk about Lousibourg and our recent visit there this summer as well as discuss the link between Louisbourg and the small village of Roma here on the Island. 

We enjoyed some quiet time in the afternoon and on a spur of inspiration I sent the kids outside for twenty minutes of play time to be followed up with a yummy snack and hot chocolate.  We also tied that in with our read aloud book.  We're still working through and totally enjoying The Extrodinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.

Now the kids are all tucked snug as bugs in their beds and we're all stocked and ready for an impending winter storm.  I can see tomorrow being a good day for more Khan Academy lessons, books, poetry and hot chocolate!

Monday, January 11, 2016

Crazy Winter Weather

One moment it's crazy raining and windy and the next it's calm and sky is blue.  Nothing beats the weather here in the maritimes!

We had a busy morning with our homeschool group where kids paired off with reading buddies and read a book or two.  Afterwards we headed downstairs to work on a large collaborative collage project.  The kids did a great job!

In the afternoon Nate had his piano lessons and also somehow managed to get Emma-Lyn and Holly to clean his room?!!  Dude will have some explaining to do tomorrow! 

And slowly but surely I continue to work on Emma-Lyn's blanket.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Fun Mommy & Daughter Double Date

Emma-Lyn and I spent a very wonderful afternoon in the company of two amazing friends.  We met Bonnie and Hannah at Phinley's for a fun date.  The girls had fun being silly while Bonnie and I enjoyed coffee and chatting.  We extended our visit to Bonnie's place where we enjoyed tea and the girls played together.

We had a great waitress and she gladly took this shot for us.

And in other news all the boys got their hair cut.  Levi looks so much older with his new hair cut!  Eeek!

Mr. Cutie Pants.

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lego Creations

All the children love their Lego and Sean especially loves a good challenge.  He found out about this mobile castle challenge from his Lego magazine.  He's hoping he might be the winner of a Nexo Knights Lego set.

In other fascinating news, tonight Marko and I are going on a fun double date with friends of ours.  I am so pumped! We're going to do an escape room and then go out for supper.  Can't wait!

Friday, January 08, 2016

Cleaning and Company

The kids did a great job getting the house clean this morning which left us with ample play time.

Nate and I played a fun round of Zertz and then he and Emma-Lyn played a round.  It's a fun little game.

That being said the kids were far more interested in when our company was coming.  It was a steady stream of just five more hours, just four more hours, just 2 more hours...They should be here any minute!  You could say that they were a wee bit excited.  The MacGregors were coming and they couldn't wait to play with Rachel and Seth!

The kids had a grand time together.  We had creamy mushroom chicken soup, salad and rolls for supper.  Rachel and Seth provided some yummy homemade treats.  They had taken some Bugles and iced them and put some sprinkles on them.

After supper the kids watched some Mythbusters while the adults played a round of Pandemic.  You'll be happy to know that we saved the world!

And now it's time to go to bed!

Thursday, January 07, 2016

On a Roll

Today we had an extra student at the Peric Academy.  She hails from the lovely community of  Bellevue and attends the Seren House Homeschool.  Holly often comes for visits but today was a special homeschool work visit. All the students were very excited to be studying together and they did a mighty fine job of it too!

Everyone hard at work.

In the afternoon Emma-Lyn and I baked some rolls and they turned out amazing!  Emma-Lyn did a fantastic job!  We'll definitely be making these again!

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Fun with Friends

Something I learned today: I need to brush up on my event coordinating skills.

Today the homeschool group headed over to the curling rink for some fun intro lessons to the sport. It was a great time for all the kids and I think we may have some new potential curlers for next year!  That said as the event coordinator, I didn't remember until the last minute to make sure people had helmets and warm clothes and I messed up on the cost. Kind of kicking myself for those mistakes but I hope to be better prepared for next time.

After the curling event we invited some folks over to our place for lunch and coffee.  It was mildly chaotic by times but so much fun!  I love having folks over and everyone seems to enjoy themselves and I know my kids love it!

Emma-Lyn and her friend Francis worked on making a tin can telephone.  I never know what the kids are going to come up with next.
This is Sammy and Emma-Lyn trying out the tin can phone line.

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Back to School

This morning was our first day back to the books.  We hit a few bumps but overall it was a great first day back.  It's nice to be back in the routine.

My favourite activity that Emma-Lyn and Nate and I did this morning was Invisible Numbers.  I drew numbers in the air with my finger and they would have to figure out which one I drew.  They loved it!

And here's something new Marko and I are trying:

French pressed coffee.  And we are loving it!  Thank you Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk! We weren't entirely sure that it was going to be the thing for us when we researched it.  It sounded like a lot of work for not much gain.  Thankfully my wonderful friend Denise demonstrated the beauty of French pressed coffee to us and we were hooked!  Not every cup we drink is French pressed but when it is we savour it!

Other new things I'm trying are:

1) Exercising daily.  My husband manages to exercise every evening without fail--unless he's sick.  It's high time I got off my butt and did something beneficial for my health.  The past two mornings my fitness buddies, a.k.a the kids, and I have been doing Pilates together. So far so good...Must have the self discipline to keep it up!

2) Learning to crochet.  Slowly but surely I'm learning new stitches and attempting different projects.  Right now I have a blanket and a hat on the go.

3) Learning Dutch. It's a part of my heritage and I have a Dutch brother in law that I can try out my mangled Dutch on, much to his glee no doubt!  And if any of my other Dutch friends and family are looking for a good laugh or would like to help me, please send short missives and I'll do my best to figure it out and send something back...I'm not going to guarantee that it will make sense!

Monday, January 04, 2016

Homeschool Get Together

We kicked of our homeschool year with our weekly homeschool group.

Today the kids enjoyed doing Show and Tell about the new things they received over Christmas vacation.  While the kids enjoyed some free play time, the adults set up for our pot luck.  It was such a lovely way to get back in gear for the winter term.

In the afternoon Sean and Nate had their piano lessons. Gotta love the perks of piano lessons, instant play date and coffee chat time as well!!

In the midst of that I did manage to declutter my kitchen cupboards and clean under the oven.  Wow, just wow. I have to wonder at when the last time I moved the oven out to clean! 'Cause the dust bunnies were huge!  And that is all you need to know about that.

Sean decided to pull out the math rods for some constructing fun.  He seems pretty pleased with his results!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Decluttering and Organizing!

The kids got a few more books over Christmas. This meant it was time to take all the books off the shelves and do some shuffling, categorizing and putting away.  It was chaotic by times but now we have a dedicated bookcase for literature, science and a shelf for Bible materials.  So happy to have everything organized.  As well, I have my own bookshelf as does Marko.  We all worked together to get this big job done.

This is the literature bookshelf with the blue tags and the shelf under the t.v. is my bookcase.  The other two shelves are on the other side of the room.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

Fun with Reading

It was ever so nice to sleep in this morning!  We enjoyed a relaxing morning and in the afternoon enjoyed a much overdue visit with a lovely friend of ours.

 And as usual the kids were on fire for some attention from some one new.  They regaled Nancy with their Lego creations, their juggling skills and favourite party tricks.  Thankfully Nancy is good sport and humoured the kids.

 Emma-Lyn even read aloud to everyone.  This has to be the highlight of my day.  Emma-Lyn has found reading difficult and to read in front of people is just out of this world!  She did an amazing job and I'm just so very proud of her!

Friday, January 01, 2016

It's a Brand New Year!

 I hope to keep up with the daily postings this year.  It was a lot of fun and not as hard to do as I thought it might be.

New Year's Eve was a blast!  We began our evening with a potluck with our church family.  The kids were very excited to play with a couple of the dear friends whom they haven't seen since September.

They also had a lot of fun with all their friends and playing on the bouncy castle together. Marko and I also enjoyed chatting and singing as well as eating delicious food!  At 7:30 we were off to our amazing friends the Bowmans' place for a sleepover.

Once we were all settled in, I got Levi to bed and we set the kids up with a movie.  The adults got down to business right away and played Ticket to Ride Europe.  I won!  It wasn't long after that it was time to celebrate the coming of the new year!  It was hugs and kisses for the kids and off to bed.  Leaving the adults with some nice quiet chat time that lasted until two in the morning...that may not have been our best idea.

I was sooo sleepy in the morning.  Our kids only slept in an extra half hour.  They were very excited to get back to playing with their friends again. Soon we were all up and ready to enjoy a lovely breakfast of baked french toast and bacon and coffee--lots and lots of coffee!

In the afternoon while the kids watched another movie we broke out the game Pandemic and we managed to cure all the diseases for the win.

Now we are back home, the bags are unpacked, the kids tucked in bed and I think it's time to just relax before heading up to bed myself.

Happy New Year!
 Emma-Lyn enjoyed the dress up clothes.

 Marko enjoyed the reading material.

 Emma-Lyn and Ben working together on a magnetic block tower.
Ben having a deep discussion with a Christmas ornament.