Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Much Better Day!

Today our homeschool group met at the library for a fun session about engineering design and creativity principles.  We watched a brief slideshow before the kids were unleashed to go and make a hat that would balance on their heads They could only use five different objects to create their masterpiece.  Emma-Lyn did a great job!

 Just listening to the presentation made me want to take up a course on engineering!  I was also very thankful that my wonderful friend Anne and her husband and children were able to take in Levi during this event.  It made everything go so much easier!

Afterwards we were off on a playdate.  Sean ended up heading over to Janet's place while the rest of us visited with Claire and Holly for the afternoon.

This evening the kids had Awana and I went to town and thoroughly enjoyed a homeschool support group meeting!  It was "fun and games" evening and it was a blast.  I laughed so much!  I love those gals!!

Emma-Lyn and her balancing hat.

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