Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Back to School

This morning was our first day back to the books.  We hit a few bumps but overall it was a great first day back.  It's nice to be back in the routine.

My favourite activity that Emma-Lyn and Nate and I did this morning was Invisible Numbers.  I drew numbers in the air with my finger and they would have to figure out which one I drew.  They loved it!

And here's something new Marko and I are trying:

French pressed coffee.  And we are loving it!  Thank you Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk! We weren't entirely sure that it was going to be the thing for us when we researched it.  It sounded like a lot of work for not much gain.  Thankfully my wonderful friend Denise demonstrated the beauty of French pressed coffee to us and we were hooked!  Not every cup we drink is French pressed but when it is we savour it!

Other new things I'm trying are:

1) Exercising daily.  My husband manages to exercise every evening without fail--unless he's sick.  It's high time I got off my butt and did something beneficial for my health.  The past two mornings my fitness buddies, a.k.a the kids, and I have been doing Pilates together. So far so good...Must have the self discipline to keep it up!

2) Learning to crochet.  Slowly but surely I'm learning new stitches and attempting different projects.  Right now I have a blanket and a hat on the go.

3) Learning Dutch. It's a part of my heritage and I have a Dutch brother in law that I can try out my mangled Dutch on, much to his glee no doubt!  And if any of my other Dutch friends and family are looking for a good laugh or would like to help me, please send short missives and I'll do my best to figure it out and send something back...I'm not going to guarantee that it will make sense!

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