Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birthday Blessings

My girly turned the big 8 today!! She's growing up so fast!

We had such a fun day today! This morning Jackie came over with her daughter Rachel and we all piled into their car and headed into town for a Lila Rose open house.  Lila Rose is a hair jewellery company that my good friend Melinda works for. I love their flexi-clips!

Before stopping in at Melinda's place we made a quick dash into Starbucks for a couple of Caramel Machiatos.  YUM!  The girls even got a sip and said they were tasty!

We all spent a lovely time looking over the different clips and headbands and picked out a few things for ourselves.  Emma-Lyn picked a cute four leaf clover clip.

After that we popped in at the Dollarma just to pick up a few things.  It's funny though, how that store can suck you in and you're picking up other things that you hadn't come in for.

Then we headed down to the Maritime Chirstian Bookstore.  Emma-Lyn wanted to use her birthday money to buy her own Bible.  She was quite pleased with her purchase.

We had lunch at the Pizza Delight in Montague.  We wanted to make sure we were home before the big storm hit.  It's 11 o'clock now and it's only lightly snowing here.  Oh well, better to be safe than sorry.

Grammie Peric and the rest of our little fam jam were waiting for us when we got home.  Emma-Lyn opened her gifts from Grammie and the gift from Gramma and Grampa Hope.  She got some great crafting kits.  She was tickled pink!

In the evening Auntie Linda and Uncle Henk joined us for a pancake and bacon supper as per Emma-Lyn's request. We had chocolate fudge cake and ice cream for dessert.

Then it was time for more gifts and it just turned out that they were both Frozen themed.  The gift from Marko and me was an Elsa styling head.  She loved it!  And from Auntie and Uncle she received a Frozen t-shirt and a great activity package.

Her words: "It was the best day ever!"

8 fun things about Emma-Lyn:

1) She is feisty and fun!
2) She gives her brothers a run for their money!
3) She loves to craft!
4) She loves God's word!
5) She is goofy!  Wonder where she gets that...
6) She has a tender heart!
7) Sometimes she gives ME a run for my money!
8) She loves her loved ones dearly!

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