Saturday, January 30, 2016

Friends Forever

This morning we all bundled up and shuffled along in the new fallen snow to the curling rink. Sean was participating in another curling tournament.  The competition was much stiffer than his previous tournament and although his team did not place, Sean had a great time down on the ice!

During the tournament the Bowmans popped in to drop off the boys while they headed in town to catch Star Wars before it left the theatres.  We had a great time with Sammy and Ben.  They enjoyed going over to the rink for a bit to cheer Sean and his team on.

After their visit Marko headed in town to surprise his buddy Brian with another 40th birthday celebration of sorts.  The boys are all getting together for supper and a games night tonght.

The kids and I tidied up, had a yummy supper and then plunked ourselves down on the couch to watch Lion King.  They loved it!

A friend watches your favourite movie with you.
A great friend holds your hand through the scary parts.
But a real friend lets you drive your car over his head during his favourite part of the movie.

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