Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Fun with Friends

Something I learned today: I need to brush up on my event coordinating skills.

Today the homeschool group headed over to the curling rink for some fun intro lessons to the sport. It was a great time for all the kids and I think we may have some new potential curlers for next year!  That said as the event coordinator, I didn't remember until the last minute to make sure people had helmets and warm clothes and I messed up on the cost. Kind of kicking myself for those mistakes but I hope to be better prepared for next time.

After the curling event we invited some folks over to our place for lunch and coffee.  It was mildly chaotic by times but so much fun!  I love having folks over and everyone seems to enjoy themselves and I know my kids love it!

Emma-Lyn and her friend Francis worked on making a tin can telephone.  I never know what the kids are going to come up with next.
This is Sammy and Emma-Lyn trying out the tin can phone line.

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