Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hanging Out with the Old Gang...

Back in our newly married days we used to hang out with a great group of friends on a regular basis.  Usually come the weekend, folks would land at our apartment and we would play games, talk a lot and eat candy.  Now, folks have children, houses and jobs that keep them busy and we moved to Montague which means the gang doesn't hang out as much as it used to.  But there are times like New Years and big birthday bashes when we come together once again.

Tonight we celebrated our good friend Brian's 40th birthday.  It was a fantastic surprise party masterly pulled off by his wife Bonnie! There was lots to eat and lots to talk about.  Then we played games from back in the day.  We had a couple of fun rounds of Mafia before pulling out the old PS2 to play Singstar.  Such a great trip down memory lane with some amazing friends!

Sean was determined that Brian should know that he wished him a happy birthday.  He slipped me this note before we left and also left us a text message on the cell to make sure his message got through!

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