Friday, January 01, 2016

It's a Brand New Year!

 I hope to keep up with the daily postings this year.  It was a lot of fun and not as hard to do as I thought it might be.

New Year's Eve was a blast!  We began our evening with a potluck with our church family.  The kids were very excited to play with a couple of the dear friends whom they haven't seen since September.

They also had a lot of fun with all their friends and playing on the bouncy castle together. Marko and I also enjoyed chatting and singing as well as eating delicious food!  At 7:30 we were off to our amazing friends the Bowmans' place for a sleepover.

Once we were all settled in, I got Levi to bed and we set the kids up with a movie.  The adults got down to business right away and played Ticket to Ride Europe.  I won!  It wasn't long after that it was time to celebrate the coming of the new year!  It was hugs and kisses for the kids and off to bed.  Leaving the adults with some nice quiet chat time that lasted until two in the morning...that may not have been our best idea.

I was sooo sleepy in the morning.  Our kids only slept in an extra half hour.  They were very excited to get back to playing with their friends again. Soon we were all up and ready to enjoy a lovely breakfast of baked french toast and bacon and coffee--lots and lots of coffee!

In the afternoon while the kids watched another movie we broke out the game Pandemic and we managed to cure all the diseases for the win.

Now we are back home, the bags are unpacked, the kids tucked in bed and I think it's time to just relax before heading up to bed myself.

Happy New Year!
 Emma-Lyn enjoyed the dress up clothes.

 Marko enjoyed the reading material.

 Emma-Lyn and Ben working together on a magnetic block tower.
Ben having a deep discussion with a Christmas ornament.

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Alexandra Dekerf said...

Happy New Year!
I am glad you and Denise are continuing on this project :)