Monday, January 25, 2016

Puppets, Reading and More...

Today the children got a special treat at their weekly homeschool  get together.  After our circle time the kids got to meet some really fun characters.  They each got to try out a different puppet.  I can see the children really enjoying these puppets in future get togethers. 

Afterwards we had reading time and rebuild the village time. I love getting together with our little homeschool group.  Today the kids got to read to a small group.  I am so proud of Emma-Lyn!  She doesn't like everyone looking at her and having to read to everyone but she did a fantastic job. You would think she was an old pro.  The boys always enjoying sharing with their peers and have fun reading to others.

Afterwards we had some friends over for a play date and the boys had their piano lessons.

I'm looking forward to a little date night at home with my hubbby this evening.  He's going to grab a couple pizzas, we'll feed the kids first and then send them to the living room to watch a movie while we have some quality time together.

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