Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Snow Day!!

The kids and I have had a lot of fun today.  At first we had daddy home with us but the storm passed through fairly quickly and daddy caught a ride to work.

After breakfast the kids and I sat down with some books and enjoyed a great read aloud time.  We learned about food chains, life cycles, electricity and the education of Nicholas Benedict.

After that each of the kiddos took a crack at a subject in Khan Academy.  Sean and Nate tried out some computer code and Emma-Lyn learned about Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

After lunch we headed out into the winter wonderland.  The kids coasted down our "hills" while I played  shovel the snow shuffle.  Levi was very excited to be out in the snow!

Levi and I came in once the shoveling was done.  I put him down for a well deserved nap.  Then I made hot chocolate for us and set up a game of Settlers.  The kids were thrilled when they came in from the cold.  It was a good game.  Now they're just messing with the board and making up their own fun.  I think they have incorporated the little wooden people from Caracassonne.

Soon, Marko will be home and we'll have hot bowls of chili for supper on this cold winter evening.

Mr. Happy Pants!

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