Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Spontaneous Can Be Fun

Usually we follow a certain routine and other days we don't.  This was one of those let's try something different days.

I have been meaning to get into Khan Academy for a while and finally right after breakfast I pulled it up on my compy and Sean joined me at the table.  We jumped right into some multiplication videos and both Sean and Emma-Lyn got right into it. 

They copied down sample questions and gave it a go themselves with great success. Nate got in on the action when I pulled up the addition and subtraction section. This evening I've set up the kids with their own accounts.  I can see the Khan Academy becoming a great resource for their expanding base of knowledge!

After that we grabbed some snacks and worked on our Canadian history narration.  Currently we're talking about the French settlements in Nova Scotia.  It was fun to talk about Lousibourg and our recent visit there this summer as well as discuss the link between Louisbourg and the small village of Roma here on the Island. 

We enjoyed some quiet time in the afternoon and on a spur of inspiration I sent the kids outside for twenty minutes of play time to be followed up with a yummy snack and hot chocolate.  We also tied that in with our read aloud book.  We're still working through and totally enjoying The Extrodinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.

Now the kids are all tucked snug as bugs in their beds and we're all stocked and ready for an impending winter storm.  I can see tomorrow being a good day for more Khan Academy lessons, books, poetry and hot chocolate!

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