Monday, January 25, 2016

Yummy Skillet Cookie!

 Sundays can be crazy!  Trying to get six people out the door and in the car in time for church can seem like a formidable task by times!  And today was no exception! It was a mad dash to the car to get to church.

That aside it was a great time at church.  Enjoyed lovely conversations with folks, and Emma-Lyn and I enjoyed our Sunday school time.  She was just such a sparkling gem  as she narrated the Bible story Grammie read to her last night. That has to be the highlight of my day right there!

Tonight I enjoyed an amazing evening with a lovely group of gals.  So nice to get together and celebrate a belated birthday and catch up on everyone's happenings.

And for dessert this evening Marko made a skillet cookie, his specialty!

 But first, the beaters needed to be tasted!

And the masterpiece!

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