Monday, February 29, 2016

Crashing Waves

This morning the kids and I enjoyed a lovely time with our homeschool group.  Sean, Emma-Lyn and Nate enjoyed a French lesson while Levi and I hung out in the nursery.

We had a couple families join us at our house at lunch time and then we all headed out to Poverty Beach to see the seals again.  The wind and waves were wild! We watched the seals, the kids played and then we piled back in our cars in search of a more secluded beach with less wind.

We ended up at Guernsey Cove and the waves were still wild but we could get out of the wind.  The children had a grand time exploring and they even did some cleaning up.  We didn't have any bags to put all the garbage in, but we did make a pile out of the wind.  Sean is very excited to get back there to finish the job.

All of these shots are from Guernsey Cove.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Jaunt to Mooney's Pond

 Nate seems to be bouncing back from his latest bout with the cold and this afternoon we thought it would all of us a world of good to go on trail walk.

So off to Mooney's Pond we went.  It was lovely!  The kids loved being outside and playing and walking and searching for that perfect walking stick.  Marko and I kept thinking how impossible this trail walk would have been at the same time last year.  We were up to our eyeballs in snow last year!  So nice to be out and enjoying nature!

Just some shots from our little walk.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Back to the Beach

After a visit to the library this morning, the kiddos and I decided to hike over to Poverty beach again.  We saw the seals and then spent some quality time just exploring the beach. The wind was a bit brisk so we didn't stay too long.

I love how the sunlight plays on the water.

Friday, February 26, 2016

A Cozy Warm Play Date

 The kids worked ever so well today on their chores.  I was so impressed! We got everything done and put on our crockpot cranberry pork roast for supper.  The house was smelling oh so delicious as we headed out the door to our play date.

It was ever so delightful.  My friend Janet and her girls have chickens and rabbits and a big fluffy dog.  The kids had a blast and Janet and I had a lovely time as well.  She lives in a beautiful little spot by the water.  She has a delightful wood stove and gorgeous big windows that let in marvelous light!

We enjoyed chocolate chip muffins and the best homemade french bread I've ever tasted! It was hard to pull ourselves away from all this cozy goodness but knowing that daddy and our delicious supper were waiting for us helped get us out the door.

 French bread and Chocolate Chai Tea...Yum!

Janet, Lady and sweet little Shadow the barn cat.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

A Good Read

The kids and I just finished reading this book:

At first I felt that it was merely okay.  It wasn't the fun and fast paced stuff of the Benedict Society that we were used to.  So I wasn't expecting this sweet little prairie family story to do much for me.  But somehow in the last chapters it snagged me and I had tears rolling down my face as I finished reading. Such a lovely simple story. Now I am very much looking forward to reading the sequel!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

It's An Eggsperiment!

In Science we've been talking about osmosis and diffusion.  The kids loved this experiment.  We first put our farm fresh egg in a vinegar bath overnight and by the morning the shell was pretty much gone. 

We then took our egg and placed it in a bowl full of dyed blue water for three hours.  And what a brilliant blue it became!  And finally we put it in a bowl full of clear water.  It was interesting to note how semipermeable the membrane of the egg is and just how blue most of the white of the egg became.
The dark blue blob at the back of the bowl is the membrane from the egg.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Levi and Lipstick

This shot is actually from yesterday.  Levi met me on the stairs all dolled up and ready to go out on the town!  It was hard not to laugh at him. I didn't want him to think this was a great idea so I stifled my giggles and cleaned him up.

Today we made a run to the library to pick up some books about different countries we'd like to visit as well as some different poetry books. We also popped in to the Christmas Discounters to pick up sketch books for everyone.  I'm hoping to get the kids into more nature study in the spring and sketching what they observe on nature walks.

Sean had curling this afternoon and while Nate and Emma-Lyn played together I sat down to create. I played with some paints, a silver metallic marker and my sketch book.  It was mostly experimenting and playing around with shapes.

I really enjoyed playing around with these swirly whirly curly cues!

Monday, February 22, 2016

Math Mania

Today at homeschool group we enjoyed a fun math morning!  The kids were divided into groups according to ability and learned new fun math games.  I can't wait to incorporate them into our regular homeschool days!

This evening I enjoyed a lovely homeschool meeting.  It's so nice to get inspired and encouraged in your homeschool journey. 

Since I was teaching one of the math groups this morning I never had a chance to take any pictures and by the time this evening rolled around I kinda scrambled for a picture.  And so here we have three very tasty honeycrisp apples.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


This afternoon after the kids helped Marko build his work bench, we all piled into the car and heaed off to Poverty Beach.  We had to show Marko our new favourite spot.

And this time we found the baby seals!  We didn't get too close and the kids really enjoyed seeing them. 

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Date Night

What with everyone being down with the cold on Valentine's Day, Marko and I are having our at home date night tonight.

We got a pizza from Famous Peppers--it was half Cardigan for the kids and half Roasted Red Pepper for us.  We got the kids fed and cleaned up and ready for their movie while we heated up our pizza and hung a blanket over the doorway to the kitchen--just for that added privacy.  We had candles and jazz playing in the background.  It was far better than anything we could have gotten had we attempted to go out this evening. It was cozy, the kids were happy and at home too.  Marko and I played some Gobblet and then it was bedtime for the kiddos. I have a long distance phone call to make and then it will be our turn for a movie and some some munchies.

This is my favourite candle.  It's an LED candle and I light it while we do our homeschool time along with a lovely smelling vanilla candle.  It reminds us that we have the light of Christ within us and to be a light even at home and anywhere else we might venture each  day.

Friday, February 19, 2016

Such a Great Day!

 And we needed it!  The past couple of days have been less than stellar, so today was pretty special.  We all worked hard to clean the house and I even got to work on some areas that haven't been done in awhile which was nice.  And while I puttered inside the kids took a twenty minute break to play outside.  Afterwards Emma-Lyn and I baked chocolate chip cookies.  Everyone helped to taste test them--they were perfect!

After quiet time we had some spontaneous creative time.  I wanted to make one last thing for my secret sister before the big reveal this evening so we had fun with mod podge and mason jars.  For our first group of jars we put some blue food colouring in the mod podge and then brushed it on.  Then we grabbed some different pretty paper and tore them into pieces and glued those on.

We were just finishing that up when Daddy came home from work early...I could get used to these early Fridays for Marko!!  The kids and I bundled up and headed out for adventure!  We were off to Poverty Beach to look for seals.  We didn't find any but we all had such a great time while we were there!  I don't know what it is about the beach, whether it's the sound of the waves, the salty sea air, the expansive view but I just LOVE being there!  And the kids are so at home there too.  It was so exhilarating, refreshing and calming.  I need to find me some beach front property!

By the time we got back to the house Marko had supper on and we enjoyed it immensely. Shortly after that I was heading out the door for the secret sister get together.  I received a lovely bracelet  and earrings.  Love the ladies from my church!  The night was still young when that wrapped up so it was off to one of my besties' house for a long overdue visit.  Denise and I had a lovely time chatting and sipping our chai tea before it was time for me to finally head home for the night.

Just some shots from Poverty Beach.

Thursday, February 18, 2016

It Was a Frosty Morning

It was a bit of a ho hum kind of day here. Just some regular homeschool stuff and puttering about.  Emma-Lyn and I practiced some step dancing together and the boys practiced their piano lessons.  It's nice to have the piano back in the living room rather than in Emma-Lyn's room.  They definitely play more often when it's so handy. And so far it hasn't been too wildly annoying!

I was thrilled to actually put laundry on the line this morning!  Definitely not something I could have done this time last year when we had snow up to our armpits!  Some of the clothes did freeze and I had to run them through the dryer, but still great to get it outdoors fresh first!

We had Awana tonight and Nate recited 13 verses that he has memorized. He just loves Awana and learning his verses. He'll also tell anyone and everyone who comes to the door about how much he loves it!

Had to take a picture of the frost on the cedars this morning.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Bit of a Surprising Day

Our morning went by fairly normally.  We did our regular homeschool stuff without too much hassle. Our friends Claire and her daughter Holly joined us for some playdate, lunch and piano lessons time.

During the playdate segment we got a call from our local library informing us that Emma-Lyn had won their Valentine's Day contest.  You had to guess how many Hersey Kisses were in a jar.  Her guess along with everyone else was way off but she ended up the winner anyways.  She was quite tickled pink.

During lunch I got quite the surprise.  We didn't have quite enough chairs for everyone around the table, so I used one of our stools.  Levi was finished his lunch by this point and was just puttering around the kitchen babbling away to everyone.

I got up at one point to get something and just as I was about to sit back down, Levi decided to put his sippy cup on my stool.  I sat right on the stupid thing and let out a yelp! It was very funny!  We all cracked up laughing and Levi recognizing the pure delight of the moment tried to push me off my stool so he could set me up again! Little stinker!

After piano lessons Emma-Lyn and I slipped out to pick up her prize from the library while everyone else settled in to watch some Octonauts.  When we got back Emma-Lyn shared her delicious chocolatey kisses with everyone.  Sean put his nine up on the kitchen cart.  Sean got the surprise this time.

Levi came downstairs from his nap and unbeknownst to any of us he spied the chocolatey goodness and helped himself to all nine of Sean's chocolates!! I should have known he was up to something he was so quiet!

Lovely little rose petals.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Almost All Better

The kids all seem much better with just a bit of coughing left.  Marko took the day off to get over this cold and hopefully will be much more himself tomorrow morning.

It was a pretty normal day of homeschool stuff, curling practice for Sean and step dance lesson for Emma-Lyn today.

Another shot from Roma.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Islander Day!

It was another low key day here in the Peric household.  Folks are still getting over colds so we stayed pretty close to home.

I did venture out in the morning with Nate for a date at Tim Hortons and afterwards I dropped some things off at the homeschool group.  It was nice to pop in and see friendly faces and chat for awhile.

In the afternoon the kids and I had some creative quiet time. I tried some different sketches and colouring.

This evening I ventured out again for a lovely visit with my friend Kim.  We watched The War Room.  I really enjoyed it!

It was fun just to sit quietly and be creative.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

It was a pretty low key Valentine's day here in the Peric household.  We all have varying stages of the cold and didn't even venture forth to church this morning. 

We did enjoy a family movie, games, Bible stories and cuddles on the couch.

My hubby was very thoughtful and brought me home a lovely dozen red roses and some chocolates.  Best of all he brought home a full rack of ribs for me for supper!  That man knows the way to my heart!
 So pretty.

For the children this year I made them each their own little photo album.  There are pictures of just them and a few of them and their siblings and one of mom and dad.  And throughout the books I put in some sweet words of love on pretty cardstock.  The kids really seemed to enjoy them.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Art Battle

My wonderful friend Claire and I went to Art Battle tonight.  We had a fantastic time!  The roads weren't all that great when we came home but still a great night!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Valentine's Fun!

The children and I enjoyed a wonderful treat today.  We went into town for a special Valentine's Day Party at the Beuckert's.  The Younkers also joined us for Valentine card making, cookie decorating and munchies.  The kids had a blast!  We stayed for lunch and watched the movie Inside Out.

It was such a blessing to be with these families again and enjoying everyone's company. Levi and Nate both conked out in the car on the way home.

A few shots of some sweet girls decorating their cookies:

Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Quiet Day

Sean has most heartily come down with the cold and spent the day in bed. The rest of us puttered and got some school stuff done.  We read about Helen Keller and then watched The Miracle Worker.  The kids love the movie and afterwards we practiced some of our sign language.

Then it was time to head outside for some fresh air which was quickly followed up with some yummy hot chocolate.

Looks like it's time to listen to some Roy Orbison!

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bath Time Fun!

I think I'm rounding the bend in this old cold!  Emma-Lyn and Nate are slowly coming out of it as well.  Levi is knee deep in it now and I think Sean will soon be joining him.

We had a great homeschool morning.  The kids enjoyed our science experiment about osmosis.  We made snowman shaped potato cutouts and placed one in saltwater and the other in freshwater.  They were thrilled with how the saltwater one became quite rubbery.

Funny part of the day was when Levi came up to me with a book asking me to, "read Johnny Applesauce, peas!"  So cute.  I tried to correct him and get him to say Appleseed but to no avail.  Johnny Applesauce it is then!

He loves his bath time!

Tuesday, February 09, 2016


 This morning the kids began the day with a little painting.  They each had their own ideas of what they wanted to paint and enjoyed their projects.  We did other homeschool stuff orally and finished our morning with watching a Planet Earth video about the great plains. 

 Sean's masterpiece.

 Nate called this his "thunder bolten."

  Emma-Lyn's work.

And this is what I found in my sink later on and I thought it looked really cool!

Monday, February 08, 2016

Still Need to Rest

Oh the coughing and just not feeling well in this house.  Nate, Emma-Lyn and I were all sorry cases today. We had some poetry and tea time and we got through most of our homeschool material this morning.  We were sorry to miss out on the fun we usually have with our homeschool group today.

It's only 8:45 but I'm just going to post this and then crawl into bed. 

And the storm finally hit here around 8.

Sunday, February 07, 2016

Roaming Around Roma

Emma-Lyn and I both have the cold and spent the morning at home resting while Marko and the boys went to church.

In the afternoon we went for a quick jaunt down to Roma.  It was nice to get out in the fresh air for a little while and take a few photos.

I love the shape of these snowshoe prints!

Saturday, February 06, 2016

Time to Shovel

As far as storms go, that one wasn't too bad.  We had a mix of snow and ice but roads were cleared this morning and we never lost our power.  There is word that another snow storm may be on it's way Monday evening so we'll see about that.

This morning the boys all did a bit of shovelling.  Thankfully a wonderful friend plows us out and does most of the work.  The boys just had some tidying up to do.  Levi was even in on the action!

Getting them started early!

Marko and the boys have gone to pick up Emma-Lyn while Levi are here at home.  Levi's napping and I may do the same shortly.  I do seem to have a bit of a cold and don't need to be sharing that with folks.

Friday, February 05, 2016

Snow and Sleep Overs

I am happy to announce that Nate is feeling quite a bit better.  I'm so happy to see him cheery and chatty once again!

We've had either snow or ice pellets since 8 am this morning.  Schools were cancelled and Emma-Lyn was ever so happy to still be able to go on her sleep over at her friend Hannah's house.  Before she left she enjoyed snuggling in the new blanket I made her and she finished her cleaning chores as well.

After Emma-Lyn left the boys and I finished up the cleaning chores and had lunch.  We played some fun Wii games before we headed outside for some outdoor fun.  We threw some snowballs at the garage and then worked together to clear the driveway of all the snow.  After supper we had a good game of Ticket To Ride.  Afterwards the boys challenged daddy to some Wii games.

It's been a lovely storm day.

Sweet Emma-Lyn

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Storm's A Comin'

I love when things happen spontaneously.  Sean spied a world map in Marko's office this morning and the two of us mapped out the different countries we would like to visit someday.  From there I came up with the idea to make Travel Journals.  We're going to do up information sheets about each of our countries and put them in our duo-tangs.  We'll have a title page, table of contents, flags, maps and points of interest.  I'm so excited to start this project and Sean is too!

And in other news the Maritimes are supposed to be getting hit with another winter storm tomorrow.  This evening I went out and picked up my version of storm chips:

I LOVE these things!!

P.S.  Nate was pretty quiet today.  Slept for most of the day.  He did throw up at one point but that's been it thus far.  He went to bed at 6:30 tonight...Hoping another good night's sleep has him on the mend.

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Colds and Homeschooling

Poor Nate came home this morning from his sleepover at Grammie's just full of the cold.  He barely spoke to me, just headed upstairs to bed.  I've never seen him this rough. He's such a vibrant chatty little guy and to see him quiet and sullen is so strange.  Even at suppertime he was still not himself and camped out on the couch.  I came in to check on him and he asked me if I'd carry him upstairs, the poor little guy... I did take him upstairs and tucked him into bed.  By the time I came up to put Levi to bed he was fast asleep.  Hopefully the rest does him a lot of good and he's feeling better tomorrow.

We finished reading The Mysterious Education of Nicholas Benedict today.  The kids loved it. Once we were finished the kids wanted to play charades about the book which was a good bit of fun. We covered Literature and Drama with that.  Sean went in for an Engineering project and dismantled an old lamp.  He loves to tinker and completely enjoyed this task.  Later the kids helped fold laundry and then watched an episode of MythBusters and that covers Home Ec with a small side of Science.  And just before bedtime Daddy taught Sean about communism which means we can call that Political Science covered. Not everything has to be done on paper for it be a benefit to learning!

 My poor little Nator Gator.

Still such a sweetie pie.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Another Day Another Curling Tournament

Today after getting our homeschool stuff done and quickly scarfing down some lunch we were off to the curling rink once again.  This time it was Curling for Cancer.  The Montague Curling Juniors were able to bring in 780 dollars for this charity.  The kids each got a t-shirt and had a great afternoon curling.

Go Sean Go!

Monday, February 01, 2016

Owl's Hollow Outing

 Today our homeschool group had the special treat of meeting at Owl's Hollow to enjoy their play area this morning.  What a fantastic place!  So much space for imagination and creativity to flow!  The kids had a blast!  Levi was a going concern but that's nothing new.

Afterwards we enjoyed a playdate before heading home to start our chicken dinner.  The kids enjoyed some 101 Dalmations---so much better than Watership Down--A.K.A the movie that shall never be named let alone watched ever again!!

 Oooh that impish little Nate grin!

 Emma-Lyn caring for her patient.

 Levi enjoying the light table.

Sean working with some circuits.