Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A Bit of a Surprising Day

Our morning went by fairly normally.  We did our regular homeschool stuff without too much hassle. Our friends Claire and her daughter Holly joined us for some playdate, lunch and piano lessons time.

During the playdate segment we got a call from our local library informing us that Emma-Lyn had won their Valentine's Day contest.  You had to guess how many Hersey Kisses were in a jar.  Her guess along with everyone else was way off but she ended up the winner anyways.  She was quite tickled pink.

During lunch I got quite the surprise.  We didn't have quite enough chairs for everyone around the table, so I used one of our stools.  Levi was finished his lunch by this point and was just puttering around the kitchen babbling away to everyone.

I got up at one point to get something and just as I was about to sit back down, Levi decided to put his sippy cup on my stool.  I sat right on the stupid thing and let out a yelp! It was very funny!  We all cracked up laughing and Levi recognizing the pure delight of the moment tried to push me off my stool so he could set me up again! Little stinker!

After piano lessons Emma-Lyn and I slipped out to pick up her prize from the library while everyone else settled in to watch some Octonauts.  When we got back Emma-Lyn shared her delicious chocolatey kisses with everyone.  Sean put his nine up on the kitchen cart.  Sean got the surprise this time.

Levi came downstairs from his nap and unbeknownst to any of us he spied the chocolatey goodness and helped himself to all nine of Sean's chocolates!! I should have known he was up to something he was so quiet!

Lovely little rose petals.

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