Friday, February 26, 2016

A Cozy Warm Play Date

 The kids worked ever so well today on their chores.  I was so impressed! We got everything done and put on our crockpot cranberry pork roast for supper.  The house was smelling oh so delicious as we headed out the door to our play date.

It was ever so delightful.  My friend Janet and her girls have chickens and rabbits and a big fluffy dog.  The kids had a blast and Janet and I had a lovely time as well.  She lives in a beautiful little spot by the water.  She has a delightful wood stove and gorgeous big windows that let in marvelous light!

We enjoyed chocolate chip muffins and the best homemade french bread I've ever tasted! It was hard to pull ourselves away from all this cozy goodness but knowing that daddy and our delicious supper were waiting for us helped get us out the door.

 French bread and Chocolate Chai Tea...Yum!

Janet, Lady and sweet little Shadow the barn cat.

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