Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Bath Time Fun!

I think I'm rounding the bend in this old cold!  Emma-Lyn and Nate are slowly coming out of it as well.  Levi is knee deep in it now and I think Sean will soon be joining him.

We had a great homeschool morning.  The kids enjoyed our science experiment about osmosis.  We made snowman shaped potato cutouts and placed one in saltwater and the other in freshwater.  They were thrilled with how the saltwater one became quite rubbery.

Funny part of the day was when Levi came up to me with a book asking me to, "read Johnny Applesauce, peas!"  So cute.  I tried to correct him and get him to say Appleseed but to no avail.  Johnny Applesauce it is then!

He loves his bath time!

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