Monday, February 29, 2016

Crashing Waves

This morning the kids and I enjoyed a lovely time with our homeschool group.  Sean, Emma-Lyn and Nate enjoyed a French lesson while Levi and I hung out in the nursery.

We had a couple families join us at our house at lunch time and then we all headed out to Poverty Beach to see the seals again.  The wind and waves were wild! We watched the seals, the kids played and then we piled back in our cars in search of a more secluded beach with less wind.

We ended up at Guernsey Cove and the waves were still wild but we could get out of the wind.  The children had a grand time exploring and they even did some cleaning up.  We didn't have any bags to put all the garbage in, but we did make a pile out of the wind.  Sean is very excited to get back there to finish the job.

All of these shots are from Guernsey Cove.

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