Saturday, February 20, 2016

Date Night

What with everyone being down with the cold on Valentine's Day, Marko and I are having our at home date night tonight.

We got a pizza from Famous Peppers--it was half Cardigan for the kids and half Roasted Red Pepper for us.  We got the kids fed and cleaned up and ready for their movie while we heated up our pizza and hung a blanket over the doorway to the kitchen--just for that added privacy.  We had candles and jazz playing in the background.  It was far better than anything we could have gotten had we attempted to go out this evening. It was cozy, the kids were happy and at home too.  Marko and I played some Gobblet and then it was bedtime for the kiddos. I have a long distance phone call to make and then it will be our turn for a movie and some some munchies.

This is my favourite candle.  It's an LED candle and I light it while we do our homeschool time along with a lovely smelling vanilla candle.  It reminds us that we have the light of Christ within us and to be a light even at home and anywhere else we might venture each  day.

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