Thursday, February 18, 2016

It Was a Frosty Morning

It was a bit of a ho hum kind of day here. Just some regular homeschool stuff and puttering about.  Emma-Lyn and I practiced some step dancing together and the boys practiced their piano lessons.  It's nice to have the piano back in the living room rather than in Emma-Lyn's room.  They definitely play more often when it's so handy. And so far it hasn't been too wildly annoying!

I was thrilled to actually put laundry on the line this morning!  Definitely not something I could have done this time last year when we had snow up to our armpits!  Some of the clothes did freeze and I had to run them through the dryer, but still great to get it outdoors fresh first!

We had Awana tonight and Nate recited 13 verses that he has memorized. He just loves Awana and learning his verses. He'll also tell anyone and everyone who comes to the door about how much he loves it!

Had to take a picture of the frost on the cedars this morning.

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