Friday, February 05, 2016

Snow and Sleep Overs

I am happy to announce that Nate is feeling quite a bit better.  I'm so happy to see him cheery and chatty once again!

We've had either snow or ice pellets since 8 am this morning.  Schools were cancelled and Emma-Lyn was ever so happy to still be able to go on her sleep over at her friend Hannah's house.  Before she left she enjoyed snuggling in the new blanket I made her and she finished her cleaning chores as well.

After Emma-Lyn left the boys and I finished up the cleaning chores and had lunch.  We played some fun Wii games before we headed outside for some outdoor fun.  We threw some snowballs at the garage and then worked together to clear the driveway of all the snow.  After supper we had a good game of Ticket To Ride.  Afterwards the boys challenged daddy to some Wii games.

It's been a lovely storm day.

Sweet Emma-Lyn

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