Saturday, February 06, 2016

Time to Shovel

As far as storms go, that one wasn't too bad.  We had a mix of snow and ice but roads were cleared this morning and we never lost our power.  There is word that another snow storm may be on it's way Monday evening so we'll see about that.

This morning the boys all did a bit of shovelling.  Thankfully a wonderful friend plows us out and does most of the work.  The boys just had some tidying up to do.  Levi was even in on the action!

Getting them started early!

Marko and the boys have gone to pick up Emma-Lyn while Levi are here at home.  Levi's napping and I may do the same shortly.  I do seem to have a bit of a cold and don't need to be sharing that with folks.

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