Thursday, March 31, 2016

Awana Awards Ceremony.

Tonight was the  Awards Ceremony for our Awana Club.  The kids have so enjoyed their year in Awana and I've really enjoyed being a leader. 

Nate and Emma-Lyn both finished their books and Nate went through it twice and did some other memory work not in the book.  He was also chosen as the clubber of the year.  He was a very excited lad!

Tonight the kids had the additional treat of going to the Awana store.  Over the year they have been accumulating points and tonight they got to spend those points on some fun toys and sweets. 

While this was the official closing for the year the kids still get to look forward to the Awana Grand Prix next Thursday!

 This is Kara our Awana Commander and Nate with his ribbon of achievement.

And a proud Emma-Lyn as well.

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