Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Busy Day

Emma-Lyn has her friend Hannah over for a sleepover tonight...I think they're asleep now.  All the kids have had fun playing outside, playing Lego, playing Nintendoland and watching a movie.
The kids had their piano lessons too and enjoyed a little Easter egg hunt as part of their lesson.

While the kids were doing all these fun things I was baking raspberry jammy shortbread bars and lemon squares. I felt like I was just going in circles in my kitchen from one thing to the next.  From mixing dough to picking through Lego to getting things out of the oven and then off to wash dishes ad nauseam.

But now, the squares are done and have been delivered to our church for the conference on Friday.  All of the kids are finally in bed and I think they're sleeping. And all is quiet...Another full day tomorrow to look forward to.

I love this map puzzle--it makes my geographer's heart go pitter pat.  I have always love maps and when I was little I would pretend that the backs of leaves were maps to distant places. Yes, I was an odd child. And I love that the kids enjoy maps too.  They love putting this one together and we get some lively discussions from the map that sits on our kitchen table too.  It makes for a fun table cloth!

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Grammie Peric said...

I have always loved maps too! Couldn't teach without one on the wall. Marko got a glove from his aunt Theresa for his second or third birthday.