Friday, March 04, 2016

Can't Leave a Bookstore Without Buying a Book!

I went into town this evening in hopes of purchasing Sally Clarkson's book, The Life Giving Home: Creating a Place of Belonging and Becoming. One of the ladies in a Facebook Book Club I belong to mentioned that Indigo had them back in stock.  I had failed to notice, however, that this lady lives in Halifax.  So, while the Indigo in Halifax may have had the book in stock, the one in Charlottetown did not. I could have ordered the book while I was there but I really wanted the study guide which they did not have in their data banks whatsoever.  Bummer.

Jennie and I then perused their bargain books and I found this fun book.  I love bird watching and this seemed right up my alley.

Afterwards Jennie and I hit Tim Hortons for some hot beverages and then we drove down to Victoria Park.  It has been far too long since Jennie and I have just hung out so it was nice that we were able to get together sort of last minute and enjoy a nice evening together.

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