Thursday, March 24, 2016

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush

I survived the sleepover.  I made the discovery that I'm not a great sleepover mom type.  I was so stressed the entire time.  I was surprised by my own tenseness over the whole thing and tried to be more relaxed but just couldn't shake the stress.  Maybe if our house was a little bigger, Levi a little older and life not quite as busy, I'd do better.

Anyways, before heading to Hannah's house we popped in to visit Denise and have a quick chat before heading in town which was delightful!

We made it to Hannah's house just before twelve and we stayed for lunch and more a good visit with another wonderful friend.  And then it was time to run from one house to another.  I stopped in to drop off money for a book I bought from one friend in Stratford then we headed into Charlottetown.

There we picked up some goodies before hitting our last stop to pick up another book.  And this is where we begin to go around and around...

Note to self--share your cell phone number so people can text you instead of leaving messages on FB. 

We got to my friend's house and she wasn't there...I suspected that I was early--We hung out in the parking lot for 15 minutes.  Then we headed to DQ because Sean needed to use the bathroom--and then back to the house--still nothing. Then Levi started screaming for milk and I was thinking I should find someone who has the internet so I can check FB for messages.

Went to another friend's house she wasn't home but her older children were so I get the milk and forget the internet for now--go back--nothing.  Tried another friend's house and sadly it looked like she and her family are out too. Drive and think, drive and think. 

Come up with another possibility and start driving in that direction only to realize halfway there that they don't use FB and not sure about the internet now.  Sean suggests another family.  They're across town--but might as well try them since we've already put this much effort into it.

Arrive at this friends house and I'm ever so thankful to see her smiling face when I knock on her door.  And I'm even more thankful when lets me come in and check my FB messages.  Thank you Melinda, you are the BEST!!

Find out on FB that my other friend was late and she had put the book in the mailbox... That killed me right there.

But now I have the book and I am happy.  My kids are in bed and I am happy.  I am not so stressed because I am happy!

Our treasures. The Life Giving Home book is the one I went in circles for.

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