Wednesday, March 02, 2016

It's Right Some Windy Out

The winds were gusting pretty good around the house this afternoon.  The kids were delighted and decided to make some plastic bag kites to fly.  I was surprised at how long they stayed out there as there was a sharp chill in the air.  Our friends Holly and Claire were over at the time and Holly had a great time too while Claire and I stayed nice and warm in the kitchen sipping our coffees.

And in other news, we had a bit of a wild night last night.  Nate is still getting over the cold and it's moved into his left ear.  Last night he was howling with pain and could not sleep.  We tried a few home remedies and nothing worked.  So at at quarter to ten Nate and Marko headed over to the ER.  Thankfully they were in and out in an hour.  He has the beginnings of an infection and we were given a prescription to fill if it got worse.

When he went to bed he was still in quite a bit of pain so we moved him to our bed and gave him more pillows and  a warm compress to put on his ear.  Still the boy couldn't sleep and cried.  Marko and I were near out of ideas and yet at the hospital Nate had been able to stay calm.  I realized then that he had been distracted from his pain by the new environment. That gave me the idea to grab some books for him to look at and maybe then he would drift off to dreamland.

It was after one in the morning by the time the poor guy fell asleep. At one thirty Marko was carrying him back to his own bed where he slept the whole night through.  He awoke this morning feeling much better, just a little congested.

I was thinking we might be having a relatively slack homeschool day with all the lack of sleep and late night excitement.  But we managed to pull off a pretty successful day! 

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