Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Maple Syrup Time!

We had planned on a regular school day but when it came up that we could go see the maple syrup production we dropped everything and headed out the door.

We just happened to meet part of the Charlottetown homeschool group on their way out.  I had a quick chat with my friend Rachel and her kiddos and invited them to come back to our house.  I even gave her the keys to the house so she could get in while we were on our tour.

We truly enjoyed learning about the process and taste testing both the sap and the syrup. The sap just tasted like sugar water while the syrup just tasted AMAZING!

Afterwards we enjoyed a lovely playdate with Rachel and her kids and she even surprised us with treat.  She had butter tarts for the kiddos and she and I enjoyed some yummy nutella doughnuts from Tim Hortons.  And she had a beautiful bouquet and sweet card for me as well.

 Throwing more wood on the fire.

 And what a flurry of bubbles there was once the fire was piled up again!

Nate taste testing the maple sap.

The lovely bouquet.

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Melinda Johnson said...

Great minds think alike, eh? Glad you were able to enjoy it as well!