Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Tea Time and Poetry

The tulips invited us to take some time to rest and enjoy their beauty as well as some poetry, art and music this morning! 

I made some yummy chocolate chip cookies and a tea pot full of hot chocolate.  We put out pretty table cloths and our little white tea cups and saucers and sat down to a lovely morning of relaxed learning. 

We began with a brief study of two of Mozart's piano concertos. Then everyone picked out some poems to share.  Sean and I read the Gruffalo together.  He did the voices while I was the narrator.  We all enjoyed that quite a bit.

Next, we wrote some acrostic poems using the letters in our names.  I even let the kids use my special markers to decorate them and we then laminated them.  And now they all hang proudly in their rooms.

We followed that with nature study.  We each sketched some of the tulips.  I definitely want to incorporate this activity in more of our everyday homeschool routine!  It was a delight and fun to see the different pictures each of the children came up with.

We had lunch and quiet time and then it was time for a rousing game of Settlers of Catan. I still love that game!

The pink is just so delicate and sweet.

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