Monday, March 21, 2016

Time for Plan B

Well, the weather sure put the boots to our first plan of action ! We had hoped to take Sean to a babysitting course in Stratford while I took the other kiddos to the theatre to see Padington and then meet with friends afterwards.  However the snow was coming and things were getting cancelled.

This meant it was time for Plan B! 

Our Plan B turned out like this:

We had our regular breakfast and got daddy out the door to work.  We cleaned up the kitchen and then headed out the door as the snow began to fall. We ran into the Superstore and picked up some storm day treats.  We grabbed apple juice, peach ginger soda, Doritos, Cheezies and Bear Paws.

Once we were home again the kids got to work tidying up the living room so that we could begin our CPR course. We have our own CPR kit with a video and dummy named, "Mini Ann" included.  All the children tried out their skills, even Levi--which was more funny than anything else.

After that we had lunch and some quiet time.  Then it was time to set up our at home movie theatre.  We pulled out the bed and the kids got in their jammies or comfy clothes and brought down pillows and blankies.  We piled up our bowls with our snacks and got our drinks and settled in to watch Curious George 3.

We had a fair bit of snow down by this point and Marko called to say he was coming home early.  I went out and shoveled out the driveway so he could actually park the car when he got home.

After the kids finished their movie they played outside and made a snowman.  I made them hot chocolate and they played Lego until supper time.  We enjoyed some yummy Eggy Bread for supper.

While we were all disappointed that our first plan didn't come together, Plan B more than made up for that.  In Nate's words, "This was the best day ever!"

 Nate doing chest compresions.

 Levi wanted his picture taken...oh I also cut his hair today.  This was his expression when I told him to smile. Looks more like constipation to me...

Emma-Lyn discerning that our person needs help.

And then of course, "Mini-Ann" needs to be read a Christmas story after all the CPR she went through.

Sean working on their snowman.

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