Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Fun Productive Day!

After I got my jump rope workout done (nearly halfway through the challenge) the kids and I sat down to do our school work.  We had a great morning.  We all really enjoyed our Canadian History reading as it sent us to the map to find MacKenzie River, Fraser River, Bella Coola and the Dean Channel. The one drawback to this study is my deep desire to just go visit these places! I would love to someday take the kids on a trip across Canada by train to visit all these places we've read about.

This afternoon while Levi napped the kids and I headed outside to tackle the yard-work.  We raked up lots of leaves and twigs into piles.  Sean was able to nip down to the Kent store and pick up some yard bags for us.  Then the kids were in charge of hauling each full bag over to the garage.  They had a great time working together and having fun with the wagon to load their cargo and head off to their destination.

Speaking of trains and destinations this is Levi's favourite book.  As soon as he finds it, he wants it read to him again and again!  This book was given to Sean on his 3rd birthday from his Auntie Linda. It's so nice to see it so well loved today.

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