Saturday, April 02, 2016

Celebrating Easter...Again

 The kids were in fine form this morning just rarin' to go and get Trooper to take her for her morning walk.  And afterwards Trooper was treated to a wonderful full belly massage!

My folks arrived a little after ten and we all trekked outside for some bubble time.  It was funny to watch Levi try to blow the bubbles.  He had much more fun just chasing bubbles around the backyard.

We decided to try another Burger Love offering for lunch and went with the Shanghai Dragon from the Lady Slipper Cafe. 

This was a brilliant burger!! So delightfully tasty!  Here's what's in it: 8oz Island Beef Patty with Fresh Asian Glaze, Deep Fried Wonton Strips with Sweet Chili Sauce, Peameal Bacon, Swiss Cheese, and House-made Chinese Slaw on a Brioche Bun grilled with Butter, garnished with Pickled Ginger.  YUM!

After lunch it was time to run some errands. The boys went with Marko to get groceries while Emma-Lyn, Auntie Karina and I headed out to Belle's Boutique.  (Grampa stayed home to nap as did Levi)

The girls were going to Belle's because I had a fitting scheduled. I'm going to be part of a little fashion show at a church ladies night out event.  I was so excited going into the store and I loved the different outfits the owner of the shop picked out for me.  Then I stepped into the fitting room and thought, "What am I doing?!  I HATE trying clothes on..."  And the full length mirror was a little daunting as well.

I screwed up my courage and tried on the first dress and it was really cute and I didn't mind having to step out of the dressing room to get the opinions of the others. It was a hit, so it was on to the next few items.  And everything was going swell until I got to this glamorous shimmery blue number. It was gorgeous!

I got in on over my head...and then I got stuck...I could neither pull the dress down further or pull it back up. And the panic started to creep back in...yet another reason I should not be trying on clothes--my worst nightmare was coming true.  I was going to get stuck with a dress around my neck and have to go out and ask another adult to get me out... So embarrassing!

As my arms were flailing about and my sides were getting stitches in them I noticed there was a little zipper in the side of the dress. YAY! 
Maybe now I can get it down. 
Not so much...still stuck. 
Maybe there was a little more zipper I could pull down a little harder.

There was a part of me that was  afraid that I might just rip the dress apart but thankfully the zipper went down and nothing tore while my arm finally went through the appropriate hole.

At this point I have the dress all scrunched up at my chest and my arms are dangling down in relief.  While this was a stunning dress on the hanger, it looked like a prom dress gone horribly wrong on me.  Time for a different outfit.

We ended up with three really sweet outfits and I'm looking forward to the ladies night out next week!

Later on Karina, Marko and I picked up a pipe connector and some hockey tape.  And when we came home we got out the PVC pipe from the garage and made Karina a hula hoop.  In the midst of this we were cooking a turkey dinner.   It was busy but fun to get everything ready for a lovely meal with my family.

After supper Marko headed out to games night, the kids watched a movie while my folks and I just chatted at the table.

Now my folks are in their cozy little cottage, my kids are sleeping and the house is quiet.  I have my favourite candle glowing, some quiet tunes playing and it's time to work on tomorrow's Sunday School lesson.

 Trooper enjoying her massage!

Love the little kid hand prints on the garage door.

 Learning to blow bubbles.

 Catching a bubble on her wand.

 Letting the wind do all the work.

 I love bubbles.

 The Shanghai Dragon.

Our pretty table awaiting the Easter dinner party.

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