Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Earrings and Other Fun Projects

This morning the kids dove right into their own creative project.  They pulled out their collection of beads and other odds and ends and they each made me a pair of earrings!  It was the sweetest thing!

Here I am modeling the pair that Emma-Lyn made me.

Sean, being the enterprising lad that he is, started working out their business plan of setting up a lemonade/jewellery stand.

We spent some time doing our school stuff outside but it was still a little chilly so finished up at the kitchen table.

In the afternoon the kids and I tackled taking out the large ugly bush in our front yard.  We did a lot of cutting and shoveling, pulling and pushing and with much strength finally pulled it out of the ground.  Then the kids took turns carting away the twigs and branches in the wagon.

Once we had all that cleaned up Sean wanted to try out the juicer.  He and Nate set to work juicing our clementines, a couple carrots, apple pieces and a little lemon.  The end result was okay but not quite what they were hoping for.  I'm seeing more experimenting in their future!

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