Friday, April 22, 2016

Fun at Victoria Park

After we got our housework done we headed down to Victoria Park to meet up with our other homeschooling friends to hangout and enjoy the marvelous warmth from the sun!  It was glorious!

The kids had a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed myself as well. Afterwards we went to Owl's Hollow and each of the children got to plant a seed that they got to take home. A fun little way to celebrate Earth Day.

This evening I enjoyed a lovely time with some girlfriends.  We tried some more burgers, had some birthday cake and enjoyed a movie.  Great start to the weekend.

 My wonderful friend Alex and her daughter brought this fun ribbon stick to the park.  It was a hit.  Emma-Lyn really enjoyed it.

 Celeste and Holly with the ribbon stick.

Celeste decided it would be fun to wrap her mom up in the ribbon.  Alex is such a great sport!!

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Alexandra Dekerf said...

It was a great time :)