Thursday, April 21, 2016

Funny Little Tales

Before step dance class this evening I popped into Value Village to see what I could find.  I found a cute little coffee mug and this book:

I bought it mostly because of the postcards I found inside it!  Love the overhead shot of Louisbourg.  I love Louisbourg and I'm looking forward to reading the book too.

Two kinda funny little tales from today...

As we're driving to Steerman's Farm to pick up our farm fresh meat, Sean licks his lips and exclaims, "There's hair above my lip! I'm growing my mustache!"
I think he may have a fair way to go before anything substantial happens.  At supper time he mentioned that he's hoping it'll come in bushy and orange just like Jamie Hyneman...Sure, Sean...Good luck with that.

Just as I was putting the last things on the supper table this evening Levi asked if he could sit down and I helped him up.  Then he asked if it was supper time and I said yes.  So he pipes right up and calls, "Children, supper time!"  So cute and funny!

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