Saturday, April 16, 2016

Paddle and Dabble

Today was a day of writing up lists and getting small projects done.  I did a bit more in organizing my cupboards and I thoroughly cleaned my stove top--that was a mess! Marko ran some errands with the kids and we attacked Mt. Laundry.

We even found time to slip out to Georgetown and try another burger.  We went to Clam Diggers to try their Diggers Classic.  It has an 8oz Seasoned Island Beef Patty, Boston Bib Lettuce, House-made Coleslaw, Fresh Sliced Tomatoes, Pickled Red Onions, Acidulated Cucumber, Candied Bacon, House-made Boursin Cheese, Smoked Gouda, House-made Tennessee-Style BBQ Sauce, Traditional Mustard, and Sriracha Aioli on a Classic Burger Bun grilled with Garlic Butter. It was a nice burger, plenty tasty if a bit messy.

The kids really wanted to play at the Georgetown public gardens but we needed to get Levi home for a nap.  Once he was down the kids and I headed back to Georgetown and they had a blast running around while I sat and crocheted in the car.  Just as we were leaving we happened to spy a mallard couple making their way to the pond. We  weren't able to get too close but enjoyed watching them paddle and dabble in the water.
 You can barely see the couple on the right side of the pond.

And the Diggers Classic.

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