Sunday, April 10, 2016

Snow Storm!

There is nothing quite like waking up April 10th and looking out your window at this:

Yep, must be spring in the Maritimes since the plows are still on the roads!  There was enough of the white stuff blowing around that our church services were canceled for the morning.  We read the Bible story instead and attempted to enjoy some family time.

Sadly we seemed to have gotten up on the cranky sides of our beds which made for a less than stellar beginning. Marko and the kids shoveled the driveway together while I napped.  I had a ridiculous headache that just wouldn't let up. 

In the afternoon everything started to clear up.  The sun began to shine my headache subsided and I decided to take the kids on a walk.  It was a surprise walk--I knew where we were going but wouldn't tell the kids unless they guessed it.  Sean guessed it as we crossed the Montague bridge.  We were on our way to visit Jackie and the kids.  We knew they were back from Quebec and we were all very excited to see them again.

They weren't home when we knocked so we walked onward to Jackie's in laws and lo and behold we found them there.  We enjoyed a lovely visit and even got a ride back to our place.

For supper Marko made waffles for him and the kiddos while I prepared some mozza stuffed peppers for me. I put tuna, yogurt, pesto, avocado, celery and mozzarella cheese in my peppers.  It was yummy!

The "I Can't Believe It's Not a Picture Of a Burger" photo.

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