Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Time to Break a Sweat

This morning I began a new fitness journey.  I've joined some friends and countless others from all over the world in a 30 day jump rope challenge.

It was a great first day if somewhat humbling.  I felt that I was a fairly fit person but this proved to me otherwise.  I am so wildly out of shape.  I had to take several breaks but I'm proud of myself for getting through the routine and pressing forward.

The kids were my cheerleaders during the routine and kept telling me I could do it.  I'm looking forward to the following workouts.  The challenge also included healthy choices for your meals which does mean some meal revamping.  While losing pounds and inches off my waistline would be great, my primary goal is to become a healthier and stronger me. 

And stepdance lessons for adults starts back up this Thursday, so you know I have to take that back up again!

My new partners in crime--my jump rope and my dance shoes!

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Alexandra Dekerf said...

Jumping rope sounds fun! Where can I read more about the challenge?
Also, I can relate...I have a theory for that. We didn't get as much snow this year, so way less shoveling! Last year, we shoveled so much, it was a good way to keep more fit ;)