Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Dairy Farm Day

Today we enjoyed going to a local dairy farm.  We toured the barns and learned how the operation worked.  The kids were very thrilled to get to see 45 minute old calves!

 So precious!

 Nate loves animals.

 Always fun to meet a photo bombing cow as well!

It was fascinating to learn how they milked all their cows in their parlour style operation.  It takes just two employees working in the pit to milk the cows, dry them off and send them on their merry way.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Another Monday

After a full weekend the kids and I woke up kinda cranky and out of sorts.  We spent the morning reading Inkheart together and working on personal projects.  It was a bit of a wet and miserable day which gave Sean the opportunity go and measure raindrops.  He placed a couple of different containers outside to catch the raindrops and then came back every so often to check the water levels.

He also finished his Lego model of the G.1 Fokker.  He got the book from the Library book sale on Saturday.

We spent the afternoon catching up with our good friends, the MacGregors. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Art Battle and More Fun

 We had sooo much fun at Art Battle last night.
 Here we are before the artists got to work.

 And this lovely shot is after we found the crazy hat area and decided we must have photos of that!

This was one of my favourite paintings of the night.  The painters have only 20 minutes in which to paint a masterpiece.  It's really interesting to walk about the room and watch the transformations.

After art battle we went on a bit of an adventure trying to find a place that was still serving dessert at 11:30 at night and had dancing.  We never did manage to find any dessert but we did eventually enjoy some dancing at the Olde Dublin Pub.

And today we enjoyed a lovely afternoon with good friends, good food and fun dessert!

Thank you Brian and Bonnie and family for such a fun filled afternoon!

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Book Sale Frenzy

This morning the big kids and I went to our local library's used book sale.  And oh what lovely finds we made!  The kids were thrilled to poke through and find their own treasures. It was so much fun looking through stacks of books and finding ones you've been looking for for ages and coming across some surprises as well.

Our table full of treasures.  Now to have Marko build us another bookshelf!

And tonight I'm out with the girls to Art Battle.  Fun Times!!

Friday, May 27, 2016

Picnic Time in the Kitchen

For whatever reason the kids decided it would be fun to have a picnic on the kitchen floor this morning!

Such funny kids!

Art Find

When I stopped in at Value Village tonight my lovely friend Claire pointed out this really cool art kit:

I think the kids will love working with this and Claire mentioned that she would be able to tie in some music studies to go with it! I'm so stoked!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Homeschool on the Run

Today we had an early appointment in Charlottetown so the kids grabbed their books to do their school stuff on the road.  They did a great job working on their material in a waiting room and we finished up our studies at Victoria Park.  We grabbed a loaf of bread and some roast beef at the Superstore and had a picnic at the park as well.

We stopped in at a bookstore and the library as well to round out our trip to town.  Once we got back home the kids got into their swim suits and played with their water guns in the backyard.  Levi was quite pleased when he figured out how to use the hose and soak his older siblings.

 Hanging out at the park...not entirely sure what Sean is doing in this shot.

Someone was a little tired by this point.

 Levi like to be all gangsta when he jumps on the trampoline.

 Nate on the other hand is just a ham!


Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fun in the Sun

It was a gorgeous day out there today!  We took our school work on the deck and enjoyed a bit of bird watching as we worked.

It was nice to be able to do a mini nature walk around the yard and see new growth on the trees.

 So happy to see the leaves growing!

 And Sean found this egg shell. We're guessing it's a robin's egg from the size and colour.

 Also fun to find this tulip blooming in my side garden.

With the air so warm and the sun beaming down on us it wasn't a far thought from our minds to take a jaunt out to the beach!  The kids were so excited and keen that they got into their swim suits! I thought it was a little cool for that but my kids are anything but timid!

As soon as we got there, it was full steam ahead!  They had a blast splashing and shooting each other with water guns.  They made sand castles and Sean buried Nate in the sand.

 Nate looks gigantic!

 Playing and running with guns on the beach can lead to some unfortunate face plants...
Fun Times!!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Dandelion Festival

It's the last day of what has been a marvelous extra long long weekend!  And today we had some fun in Stratford at the Dandelion Festival.

There were lots of neat vendors in the town hall as well as fun activities for the children.  But the real excitement to be had was outside!

 There were potato sacks, soccer balls and lovely fields filled with dandelions!  The kids had such a great time kicking the balls about and racing each other in the potato sacks.  And of course what more could you ask from a field of dandelions than the most beautiful sunshine coloured bouquet!

 Me and my Levi and lovely bouquet of dandelions!

And if there are spare potato sacks sitting around, you know that at least a couple of moms are going to give it a whirl! And just so you know, this was Claire's idea but I must admit that I was more than game for a fun packed potato sack race!

 Claire had a bit of a tumble at the end of that one...I had to save my sunglasses!

 Assessing the damage and wondering about having another go of it...

 And we're off!!  Such grace...such class!

So much FUN!!

Sunday, May 22, 2016


We enjoyed our first bonfire of the season this evening.  We were very happy to share this time with our wonderful friends the Bowmans.  We had supper together and then headed over to our fire pit for some marshmallow roasting and s'mores making and devouring.

Now we all smell like bonfire smoke...and I'm okay with that!  Bring on summer!!

Saturday, May 21, 2016


 This morning Marko took the big kids to the church with him and while he cut the grass, they ran around and had fun.  Levi and I puttered around here and went to the library for a bit.

In the afternoon Marko took the kids to run errands while I continued to putter around the house and tidy things up.  Everyone was pretty excited for tacos for supper and they were so yummy!

And this evening once the kids were in bed Marko and I had a fun little games night together.

 A good game of Carcassonne. I won.

And together Marko and I beat Pandemic!

Friday, May 20, 2016

It's the Weekend!

It was a fun filled day.  Marko had the day off which was a treat for us!  We headed in town this morning and Emma-Lyn went to a gymnastics try-out session while Marko and I ran some errands and we all ended up at the Bueckert's for lunch.

We had a lovely lunch and playdate and then we were off to visit with the Nash's in Middleton.  It was a beautiful drive up west.  We had a delightful supper and then it was time for the adults to head out to see Civil War in Summerside. We had a great time but I think the kids had an even better time.  No sooner did we get in the car to go home then Emma-Lyn was asking to turn around to go back because she had so much fun!

Michelle and I danced in the driveway (we always dance when we get together) and it was the highlight of my evening. As we got to the dramatic ending--where I leap into her arms (yep, we're that crazy-- all part of the Dance of Joy) she accidentally dropped me on the driveway and I kinda ended up kneeing her in the cheek! Fun Times!! Love our hangouts!

And this is Marko and I after our fun adventures of the day!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Tractor Time

We had a crazy busy.  We crammed in our studies and house cleaning chores and  some seed planting in the morning. In the afternoon Holly came for a playdate and ride into town for our stepdance lesson. 

While the kids were playing together Auntie Linda called to ask if the kids would like to go for a tractor ride as she wasn't that far away working on a field.  All the kids were thrilled at the idea of going for a tractor ride.

And Auntie Linda did not disappoint.  They all LOVED their individual rides up and down the field.  Levi and I went together and he thought it was the best thing ever!  Such a happy little boy.

 Waiting her turn on the tractor.

 Soon it will be his turn!

 The mighty tractor hard at work!

 Important machinery.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Not so Routine

Today we took a break from our regular rhythm and jumped in the car for an educational adventure!

While I was puttering after breakfast I was thinking about our recent history lessons.  We've been discussing confederation and specifically the Charlottetown Conference. I decided it would be fun to go right to the source of these historic moments and jot them down in our sketch books.

The kids were thrilled!  We packed a picnic lunch and I let other homeschoolers know that  we were headed to Victoria Park for lunch if anyone cared to join us.

Our first stop was Goverment Building.  We parked at the old Battery (the cannons by Victoria Park) and walked up to the residence. We read a brief history of the structure and it's role during the time of Confederation and then the kids sketched the building.

 Hard at work.

 Such beautiful architecture.

We made our way to Victoria Park after our sketches were done and we completed some other school stuff we  had brought with us.

We had a lovely time visiting with other homeschoolers and enjoying our picnic lunch.  Levi enjoyed the picnic lunch part the best I'd say though. He managed to abscond with the meat from everyone's sandwich!  I was so thankful that my friend Rachel came with peanut butter and jam! I was able to make pb&j bagels for the kids instead.

After our picnic and play time we headed over to Province House for more sketches and history.  It was a perfect day for being outdoors and sketching.

It was also a good day for a BBQ supper with salad.  After which Marko and I went on a quick little date to What's the Scoop for some yummy ice cream and we cleaned the car.  Do we know how to live it up or what?!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Snapshot of Our Day..

I thought about calling this post, "A Typical Homeschool Day."  But there is no such thing as "typical" in this homeschooling lifestyle. Thus, what I have here for you today is a brief look into what our day and home might look like during a random day.

In the morning the kids get up without the aid of an alarm clock and are usually up by 7:30.  I expect them to make their beds and get dressed before heading downstairs.  I know of other homeschoolers who spend the day in their jammies because they can...and that's cool.  But I just can't do that.  Call me anal but I feel like we're more productive when we're dressed for the day. Plus it's that much easier to run out the door for an adventure if we're ready for it.

We're all usually bustling about the kitchen table for breakfast by a little after 8:00. One of the children sets the table and afterwards one of them will clear the table while the third one brings down the laundry.  Levi isn't on the chore rotation quite yet. That isn't to say he doesn't help out though.  When I'm doing laundry he will help to load and unload the washer and dryer with me and he'll help whomever is setting the table.

At 8:30 Marko is heading out the door amid a flurry of hugs and kisses as well as zerberts on the hand (think raspberry applied to the back of your hand.)

We tidy up from breakfast and I get going on dishes, laundry and any other odd jobs.  The children might read, play Lego, dinkies or finally go and make their beds!

Today, Emma-Lyn and Nate worked on this puzzle together while Sean and I played some Pictionary for our before school activities.
 Sadly, this puzzle is missing one piece but the kids still had fun with it.

At 10 o'clock it's all hands on deck and we  grab our snacks and get down to the business of our book studies.

 I usually try to begin with our devotion book called More Little Chats with God but that doesn't always happen and might get pushed into lunch time.  Inkheart is our current read aloud.  Sometimes we read this as they snack or I'll leave it until after lunch time just depends on how our day is going.  Today I read it during lunch time. The Story of Canada is our current history book.  I read a section from this book each day and the kids draw a picture and share a narration that I write down above their picture.
 The kids each have their own bin with their workbooks and other supplies in it.  They can pull out any of their books and get started right away. If they're having troubles or need to ask a question then I just go from one to another as needed.  Sometimes this can get a little hairy but I just have to remind the children that they do have some activities that they can do on their own and to do that while I finish up with their sibling.

You may be wondering just what is Levi doing during all of this.  Sometimes he tries to participate but more often he's wandered off to the living room to play with toys.  He'll pop in every once in awhile to check in on us and occasionally demand his milk or a cookie.

Our subjects for the day which may include but not always are:


We usually get the first five subjects done everyday and the others interspersed through the week.

We're usually  done around noon. I seem to be using that word--usually-- a lot.  This means that times and routines do change.  I like to think of this homeschool thing as more of a rhythm than a routine or a schedule to follow.

Once the bins are put away the kids can pull something out to play with again.  Usually it's Lego.  There is a lot of time spent being creative with Lego. They create anything from vehicles, buildings, landscapes and so much more.
Pondering his next piece placement.

Up until a short while ago I would usually ask the children what they wanted for lunch and I would get all sorts of different requests, from scrambled eggs to peanut butter toast to a meat and cheese sandwiches.  And while I was fine with making different things it was taking up a lot of time and some days the kids weren't sure what they wanted and so I came up with this:
 My lunchtime menu.  It's fairly simplistic which is exactly what we needed.  The kids love it and look forward to each day's lunch time meal.  And just in case you're worried my kids aren't eating their fruit and veggies--we have a well stocked bowl of fruit that the kids can help themselves to when they feel like it--which is quite often.

After lunch it's quiet time..oh blessed part of my day! Especially after a hard day it's so nice just for everyone to have a bit of time to themselves. Levi goes down for a nap while each of the children go to their own room for some quiet play. We don't have quite enough rooms so I'm  usually sharing the living room with one of the kids.  They're all pretty good about leaving mommy alone to have her own space for awhile.

After quiet time we have our afternoon snack and sometimes we might do our other readings at this time or we might do a creative project or a science experiment. Usually the kids will practice piano and Emma-Lyn and I will practice step dance.  Today our friends Janet and her girls popped in for a visit. While the children played Janet and I practiced our step dance routine. It was a fun way to finish up the afternoon.

At supper time the kids have their evening chores which include clearing the table, wiping the table and sweeping the floor.

In the evening the kids might go over what they did with Marko or we'll all go outside to play for a bit or maybe we'll go hit the library before bed time.

Bed time is 7:30 for Levi and 8:30 for the rest.  We pray with them and read a Bible story before tucking them into bed.

And that in a nutshell, is more or less our day.  Hope you enjoyed this little look into our life!

 And sometimes I catch them looking at magazines together...looks like they're picking out a new barbecue for Marko for father's day!

And some solid truth here for you...you will often find a basket of laundry in my living room unless I saw you pull in the driveway, then I've probably ran it upstairs to our bedroom and shut the door. My house is not pristine, it's lived in and that's the way we like it.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Games for Everyone

 Today the kids enjoyed playing board games with their homeschool group.  We started the session with some rounds of charades before splitting the group in two and rotating between Twister and Don't Make Me Laugh.  The kids all enjoyed both games.  I'm looking forward to another games day and trying out more games!

 There was quite a bit of hilarity to be had with the Don't Make Me Laugh Game and you can see some of the contortions of the Twister players in the background.

The kids had fun with the clown nose.