Friday, May 06, 2016

A Little Time to Relax

Just putting my feet up after a full day with my cup of hot water.  This is another one of my little unique cups.  Emma-Lyn spotted this one for me in Value Village.  I love the little butterfly on the handle.

Today we dropped Levi off at the Bowman's again while we trucked in town to help with packing boxes for the Johnsons.  The kids had fun and Melinda and I chatted about just about everything while we packed box after box of books.  And oh, the delightful books she has!  It was hard not to sneak a peek inside a book or two as I packed!

Once we finished up there we were off to the Beukert's for lunch and a quick playdate.  We always have such a fun time there. But it wasn't long before we were on the road again back East.

We enjoyed yet another playdate at the Bowman's before finally heading for home.  And now to rest up before another full day tomorrow.

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