Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An Artsy Kind of Day

We did our regular homeschool thing in the morning and then Claire and Holly arrived for piano lessons.

Claire and I always enjoy a coffee and a chat before she starts the lessons.  And today as we gabbed the children worked on setting up a play for us.  They had costumes and props and even music.  Sean was the narrator, line prompter, stage manager and the music man.  He would play different pieces to make the scenes more dramatic.  Their first show was Little Red Riding Hood and then their final performance was The Three Little Pigs.  Such a great creative bunch of kiddos!

And this evening Emma-Lyn had step dance class.  The girls are doing a great job!  Emma-Lyn is even practicing her own dance for a competition in June.

And just to go off on a different tangent, this is my current reading material:

Not artsy at all but quite fascinating!  I'm really enjoying it thus far.

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