Wednesday, May 04, 2016

Bringing Down the House

There was quite a bit of excitement in our house this morning when the boys discovered a big excavator at a nearby abandoned house.  The house has been empty for awhile and was looking pretty shabby. 

We watched as the excavator took the house down bit by bit.  While it was fascinating, I also found it sad.  I couldn't help but think that someone at one point built that house to make a home for their family.  And by this evening there was nothing left of the structure just a large hole where it once stood.

 It was wild to watch whole sections of the house come down at once.

Like I said the boys were enthralled.

In the midst of the demolition we did manage to get through our studies and even take some time to cut Emma-Lyn's hair. She is just so cute with her new do!

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Holly Wuite said...

Emma-Lyn, I love your new hair style. Your smile and beautiful eyes sparkle! Aunt Holly