Saturday, May 14, 2016

Fun with Friends

Levi was one very thrilled little boy this morning! He is now the proud owner of his very own Cozy Coupe! 

Last night, while Marko was at games at Doug and Tammy's house, Tammy must have read yesterday's blog post. She saw the picture of Levi in his car and remembered that they had an identical one in their shed.  Her children are both too old to play with it so she kindly sent Marko home with it to give to Levi.

Levi was grinning from ear to ear and very eager to drive his little car all over the yard.  I think he  would  have spent the whole day out there with his car if we'd let him!

 See!  I wasn't kidding about that smile!

In the afternoon we popped in for our friend's open house.  We spent part of the afternoon yesterday playing at Kings Castle with the Johnsons, but I wanted to have just one last time for the kids to play together before Justin and Keturah head back to Indiana. 

Unfortunately we came a bit late and missed seeing Keturah but the boys had fun visiting with Justin.  I had a lovely chat with Melinda and Jared and I hope to see Melinda a few more times before they head back to the States.

For whatever reason my boys decided not to smile.  They did have a fun time playing Minecraft with Justin.

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