Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Homeschool on the Run

Today we had an early appointment in Charlottetown so the kids grabbed their books to do their school stuff on the road.  They did a great job working on their material in a waiting room and we finished up our studies at Victoria Park.  We grabbed a loaf of bread and some roast beef at the Superstore and had a picnic at the park as well.

We stopped in at a bookstore and the library as well to round out our trip to town.  Once we got back home the kids got into their swim suits and played with their water guns in the backyard.  Levi was quite pleased when he figured out how to use the hose and soak his older siblings.

 Hanging out at the park...not entirely sure what Sean is doing in this shot.

Someone was a little tired by this point.

 Levi like to be all gangsta when he jumps on the trampoline.

 Nate on the other hand is just a ham!


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