Friday, May 20, 2016

It's the Weekend!

It was a fun filled day.  Marko had the day off which was a treat for us!  We headed in town this morning and Emma-Lyn went to a gymnastics try-out session while Marko and I ran some errands and we all ended up at the Bueckert's for lunch.

We had a lovely lunch and playdate and then we were off to visit with the Nash's in Middleton.  It was a beautiful drive up west.  We had a delightful supper and then it was time for the adults to head out to see Civil War in Summerside. We had a great time but I think the kids had an even better time.  No sooner did we get in the car to go home then Emma-Lyn was asking to turn around to go back because she had so much fun!

Michelle and I danced in the driveway (we always dance when we get together) and it was the highlight of my evening. As we got to the dramatic ending--where I leap into her arms (yep, we're that crazy-- all part of the Dance of Joy) she accidentally dropped me on the driveway and I kinda ended up kneeing her in the cheek! Fun Times!! Love our hangouts!

And this is Marko and I after our fun adventures of the day!

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Alexandra Dekerf said...

Your adventures are always so much fun :)